Nursery Design Board

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Since we're two months out from my estimated due date, I thought it'd be fun to share a deisgn board for the nursery. I'm feeling good about the direction we're heading, mom is happy that we're finally bringing in some color to the room, and Brandon and I are both happy that we're pretty much done spending money in this room. We still need to get a bookshelf and a crib mattress, but other than that, everything has been purchased.

Paint Color - After four different samples of white, we finally settle on Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

Glider - We were able to purchase the Lee Industries glider off the floor at South and saved SO much money going this route. Everyone loves it so much.

Crib - We went classic (and inexpensive) with this one. This is the same Jenny Lind crib that was in my brother and my nursery and I love that small connection.

Lighting - We've ordered these sconces from Bowery Lighting. They're expected to ship the last week of May and I can't wait to see them hung up. You can normally find a 15% off coupon at Bowery. We went with these specific sconces because they're plug-in and we didn't want that added expense of an electrician to install them.

Fabric - Robert Allen Checkered Out. I found the best deal for this from Mahones Wallpaper, but if you have a trade connection, it would be cheapest through that route. We're using this for the crib skirt and cornice board.

Art/Wall Decor - We took the prints to Hobby Lobby to be framed. We went with a thin, dark burlwood frame with a double matte - the dark green color above layered on top of an off-white. 

We have a few other details that I didn't include in the design board that I'm also really excited about. Hopefully the nursery will be done before our sweet boy makes his debut! 


May Goals

Monday, May 2, 2016

May! How have we already arrived on this fun month? We have so much to look forward to this month including the last of our baby showers and our last trip to the beach sans baby!

April was a truly wonderful month. We celebrated our first baby shower and it was wonderful having so many people come together to celebrate our sweet son. I'm going to do a recap after we have all of our baby showers so I can remember these precious times. We're so fortunate to be surrounded by a community of people that love us and our son so well.
OIB Sunset, I'm coming for you!

For the Baby/Nursery:
Continue to celebrate our son's quickly approaching arrival with the last of our baby showers
Make the pelmet box/cornice board (once fabric arrives)
Have crib skirt made (once fabric arrives)
Install the sconces (as soon as they come in)
Install the carseat in my car and take it to the hospital to be checked
Make sure everything has been washed and put away
Finish our baby classes
Have our maternity photos taken (doing a mini session with Elizabeth Tate!)

Start using Dave Ramsey's Every Dollar app to track our cash spending
Get 20 minutes of exercise every day
Commit to our bible study and do all 4 nights of the home study
Have a fun and relaxing beach trip
Finish reading all of the books on my nightstand (Bringing Up Bébé, Babyproofing Your Marriage, Jen Hatmaker's 7, The Power of a Praying WifeI think this goal is only somewhat reachable because I'm almost done with the first one and I love to read on the beach.
Soak up these last couple of months with Brandon as just the two of us


28 Weeks - Third Trimester

Monday, April 11, 2016

28 weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks + 1 day. Hello third trimester!

Baby’s size? A head of cauliflower or a chihuahua - these apps are weird. 16 inches and 2 1/2 lbs. He's growing!

Gender: Our precious boy!

Workouts: Doing pretty well with this. We've been going on lots of walks and I've been trying to do more of the barre3 prenatal workouts. They really are a great workout and it's nice to work my muscles again. I have my last prenatal yoga class this week and Brandon will come with me which will be fun!

Nursery: We've ordered sconces for either side of the windows. We've decided to go this route instead of a lamp on the dresser that he will most likely kick off one day. 

Need to order the fabric for the window treatment and crib skirt, have the prints framed. We'll also order a mattress and the mobile at some point.

Maternity clothes? Pants, most definitely. I can still get away with some of my non-maternity dresses and tops, but I think that ship is sailing quickly.  

Sleep: Pretty well. I'm definitely moving around a lot at night and getting up to go to the bathroom normally twice a night.

Best moment: Walking around Boston with Brandon on Saturday. We went to see the duckling statues at the Boston Public Garden and then bought the Make Way for Ducklings book before having a picnic in the park. It was a great day! Also loved my prenatal massage on Friday. They had a special set up so I could lay on my stomach (miss this so much!) and then they lifted the table so I could lay on my back too!

Movement: He's is starting to move around so much more and it's amazing. I've even been able to see him move on the outside. Such a miracle. We went to Million Dollar Quartet at DPAC with Brandon's law firm last week and baby boy LOVED Johnny Cash. He was moving around and kicking like crazy.

Food cravings: None really. Can't wait for real sushi and a Jersey Mikes sub post pregnancy 
Symptoms? Nothing too bad. Sometimes he'll get up under my left rib and that doesn't feel good, but I can normally push him down. Other than that, feeling pretty great and thankful for a smoother and less stressful second trimester.

Baby Goodies Acquired: Nothing new to report, but I'm sure that will change after our first baby shower this weekend. I can't wait to celebrate our sweet son with family and some of my oldest friends!


Marion's Baby Shower

Monday, April 4, 2016

Yesterday a few friends and I threw a shower to celebrate Marion and her sweet baby boy that's due the end of May. It was a great day spent with friends and I'm so thankful for this community of people that we're both bringing our sons into. 

Katherine makes the best cakes!

Don't say baby! This game was particularly hard because they're keeping the name a secret until he's born so we all refer to the baby as "Baby O." We also asked her husband, Zack 10 questions about Marion's pregnancy and it was so fun to hear all of his very sweet answers.

There was also a special prayer time where we read a prayer that one of our friends who couldn't be there, Emory, wrote. It was so beautiful and I know will be a treasured keepsake. We had planned on letting anyone else pray for Marion, Zack, and the baby that wanted to, but Em's prayer was so all-encompassing that we ended up offering words of what they mean to us. It was such a special time and I love that we always do this at baby showers within our church community.  

A group of us surprised Marion with their carseat. Earlier she had been joking that they could just walk home from the hospital so this was extra fun.

The hostesses with the mom to be!


April Goals

Friday, April 1, 2016

Y'all, I am not sure where March went, but it sure went by fast. I can't believe it's been over a month since Brandon first felt the baby kick. It felt like we got a lot accomplished in March, but looking at my goals, I didn't check too many things off.

For the Baby/Nursery:
—Celebrate our son at our first baby shower!
—Decide on fabric for the nursery
—Get prints framed
—Install sconces (they're ordered, but won't ship until the end of May! Trying to be patient)

—Host a fun baby shower for one of my bests
—Start our ladies bible study (I can already tell I am going to cherish this special time with these women!)
—Work out 4 days a week (walks, Barre3 prenatal, and prenatal yoga)
—Have a fun trip to Boston (and relish in the prenatal massage, manicure, and pedicure I have scheduled!) 
—Stick to our budget
—Attend Dave Ramsey's Smart Money Talk on April 27
—Have a date night
—Have a date day
—Have a technology free night


Easter Weekend

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We had a wonderful long weekend and I of course, did not snap enough photos along the way.

On Thursday, we took our sweet pup to get neutered. We both felt so guilty leaving the vet (even though he happily went with the always friendly staff and they said he was sweet the entire time). Our vet recommends dogs getting neutered/spayed between 20-24 weeks. Fin is right in the middle of that and the long weekend was the perfect time to be able to spend more time with him. He was such a trooper even though the bumps on the car ride home caused him to make some of the saddest noises ever. He is doing so great with his recovery, but it is very difficult to keep a puppy from jumping and playing for 10-14 days.

That night I went to dinner with some of our missional community at Chuck's and then Brandon met us at church for the Maundy Thursday service.
Handsome boy after we got him home. I can't wait for his hair to grow back from where they shaved him for the IV!

On Friday, Brandon's parents came up for a visit. It was so nice to get to spend time with just the two of him. Normally more of his family come up which is awesome, but I honestly do not remember a time when it was just the four of us. We had a great day and they were so generous and purchased the car seat for us! It was so fun going to Buy Buy Baby to show them all the different things we registered for and Brandon was great at showing them how everything worked. He's already a pro at installing the car seat on the test seat they have.  

That night we went to the Good Friday service at church. It is one of my favorite services of the year because you truly grasp how dark a day it was when Jesus was crucified and then you get to rejoice in the full glory of God on Easter Sunday as we celebrate his resurrection and defeat of death. 
25 weeks + 5 days

Saturday we had our third birth class. We are both enjoying this class immensely and are learning so much. It is an 11-week course and while it seems long, it will truly prepare both of us for my labor and delivery. We both look forward to it every week!

The rest of Saturday we ran some errands, took some things of baby boy's to be monogrammed, and then met my mom and Dale with my brother at Lucia in Durham. It was so good. Definitely adding it to the repeat list.

Easter Sunday at Church on Morgan was incredible. There was a full house, the Creative Team outdid themselves on decorating the space, and Justin delivered a beautiful message.

After the service, a few of us met at one of our friend's houses for brunch. There was delicious food and it was an amazing time together. It was 4:15 before anyone realized it and 5:30 when we finally left so we could get Fin. Last year we decided that with Easter being our most important religious holiday, we want to celebrate it with our church family. We've been very happy with that decision the past two years and I hope it is something that we will continue to do. 

Part of our missional community


24 Weeks

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

24 weeks + 1 day

How Far Along: 24 weeks + 2 days

Baby’s size? As long as 12 inches and should weigh a little over 1.5 lbs. 

Gender: A precious baby boy! 

Workouts: Trying to get in 3 30-minute walks a week plus my prenatal yoga class. I need to do some more of the Barre3 prenatal workouts as well.

Nursery: Since my last update we found a dresser, Brandon assembled the crib, and we purchased our glider. We were originally going to order it in a printed fabric, but ended up purchasing it from South off the floor at a great price in a neutral fabric! 

I was sitting in the nursery last night questioning why all of our individual pieces were amazing, but the room just wasn't working. We have a plan to completely rearrange where everything is and I think it'll make things 100% better. Brandon wouldn't let me help move the furniture or we would have done it last night.

Now we need to get going on the details to make our sweet boy's room "his."

Maternity clothes? Yes. I also had to break down and buy some new bras. Hoping these will last until I have to switch over to nursing bras. Still loving how comfortable dresses are and feeling thankful to be progressing through this pregnancy as it gets warmer.

Sleep: This is really starting to get worse. I cannot seem to get comfortable and I'm sure this will only get worse. Daylight savings time is also throwing us for a loop.

Best moment: Our last ultrasound was pretty great. They were able to see everything they couldn't last time and our sweet boy is perfect, healthy and developing on track. I think Brandon's highlight would be being able to feel him kick. He's always so excited when he can feel him and I can't wait to see the bond these two have. Our sweet son is one lucky guy to have Brandon as his daddy.

Movement: He's moving all the time now! Brandon felt our sweet boy kick for the first time on Monday, February 29. He was kicking (I think it was actually his arm - so punching) pretty hard and I was like, surely Brandon can feel that. I put his hand on my belly and about a minute later Brandon felt him. So good. 

Food cravings: A few weeks ago I was really craving bloody mary's. I ordered a couple of non-alcoholic ones and have the homemade mix from Nofo even though it is not so good for the acid reflux I've developed
. I feel like I'm finally back on track with eating healthier and I'm feeling great because of it.

Symptoms? Occasional pain in my lower back/butt from my pelvis growing which makes me feel like I'm wobbling when I walk. Baby boy needs more room and I'm happy to take some pains for him! I started taking Zantac 75 and it's really helping my acid reflux.

Baby Goodies Acquired: The glider and the crib are really the only things since our last update. He has a good amount of clothes and I figured we'll probably get more at our showers that are coming up. 

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