A picture's worth a thousand words.

9:22 AM

For us, one of the most important things to get booked sooner rather than later was our photographer. Part of this is because for my entire life, I've heard my mom tell me how she wished she had a different wedding photographer and to never settle on who you want. She pretty much told me if the photographer I wanted wasn't available on our date, then we would be changing our date. Besides for the church, this was the most important aspect for us. These are the memories that you get to keep forever and a good picture allows you to remember not just the moment, but the emotion.

For that reason, we really wanted a photographer who captured moments instead of staged photos. When I came across Kellie Kano , I knew that she was exactly who I wanted to capture our wedding.

When we first met Kellie, the three of us just clicked. She was so nice and easy going and I know we'll feel the same when we get behind her lens. We opted to go for her bigger package, which gives us an Engagement session, Bridal portraits and full coverage on the wedding day. We'll be doing our engagement photos in April and my bridal portraits in September.

So we have 2 big things checked off our list and I'm looking forward to getting lots more accomplished in January!

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