Looking back and moving foward

5:23 PM

Happy New Year everyone! I am pleased to report that last night was the most fun I've ever had on New Year's. Which, depending on your view, says a lot considering I am not a fan of the "holiday." This has been a great year for me! Between graduating college, getting a full time job and getting engaged, there's not much more I could have asked for!
We went to dinner with Sarah (MOH), her BF Brian, Ryan (BM) and his GF Kirsten at NOFO. We had never been there before, but we will definitely be going back! Then we headed to The Mint and had a wonderful time! I think half of Brandon's fraternity showed up by surprise, which is always a lot of fun!
At midnight after the Acorn drop, we went outside on Fayetteville Street and watched the awesome fireworks display! As Brandon said, we rang in the new year with a bang!
I love this picture of us from last night! I didn't like how Brandon was trying to hold on to me when we were taking a picture and this face clearly shows that! hehe

I'm looking forward to all the changes that will come with 2011 and I hope y'all are too!
Some goals for 2011:
1-Lose weight/eat healthy/work out more...shocker I know. The combination of New Years and getting married shouldn't make this much of a surprise to anyone.
2-Go to church on a regular basis. Mom and I made this resolution a few years ago and we did a great job and B and I need to get back in this habit!
3-Quit cursing. I don't do it that often, but I cuss more than I would like and it's not very attractive for a woman (or anyone to cuss); in my opinion. I also count using the Lord's name in vain in this too.
4-Enjoy this exciting time in our lives before we get married!

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