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For Meredith's wedding, she used her engagement pictures to create a photo book with empty spaces for her guests to write well wishes to her and Kevin. I LOVED this from the moment I saw it and plan on doing the same thing for our wedding. It's such a creative way to show off your engagement pictures and to have a true keepsake after the wedding.

We aren't getting our engagement pictures done until April, so I have quite a while to wait until I can even start on it...BUT...MyPublisher, the site she used to make it, is having a great deal right now! They're offering gift certificates for 40% off! So I can go ahead and get the gift certificate and get a great deal now on something we won't have to worry about until later.

My only question is, which one should I get? They have the classic hardcover and the deluxe hardcover. The only real difference is the thickness of the paper. I know it doesn't really matter now, but it might over time. What do y'all think? The price difference is $30. Neither are that expensive, but I want to make sure I save my entire 40% on whichever one I decide on!

P.S. the coupon code is MYCUPID and it expires on February 14th in case you want in on this great deal!

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  1. Well, it also depends on how big you want it to be! The classic is 11.25 x 8.75 inches, so more like the size of a piece of paper. The deluxe is 15 x 11.5 inches.
    I vote Deluxe just because it's bigger and more like a coffee table album than a regular photo album. :) Plus it gives you lots of room for space for people to sign and big pictures of you two.



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