Summer Movies

8:12 PM

SQUEEEE!!! I'm so excited this movie is coming out! I love all of the books in this series! It's definitely not your typical BFF falls in love and gets married movie...but it still has a happy ending (sort of...but that just leads way for the sequel!) :) Who's going to see this with me?

And then...if that's not enough movie excitement...Harry Potter comes out in July! This will bring the movie series to a close, but it won't be over...for my brother and I at least. We are two of the biggest Harry Potter nerds short of dressing up. We've been to Barnes & Noble at midnight of the release date to get our months in advance reserved copies and of course arrived to the movie premiere three hours early to make sure we get good seats. I've lost count how many times I've reread the books...just talking about them makes me want to crack one open right now. I'm excited to see this movie and am hoping that they brought out the big guns for all the fight scenes. After every movie, my brother and I have a very long and in depth conversation about how the movie differed from the book. (Told you we were HP nerds).

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