The tuxedo: Brandon's first love

12:33 PM

Tuxedos have been a topic of conversation ever since we got engaged...actually, even before that. There's nothing Brandon likes more than to dress up in his tuxedo. Case in point: he decided to be James Bond for Halloween two years ago for the sole reason that he wanted an excuse to wear his tuxedo.

So the question was never really will he and his groomsmen wear tuxedos, but which of the many various styles would they wear?

I didn't care about the pants because honestly, who really knows the difference. I did have a preference about the lapels (we both agreed on the shawl lapel - I like the rounded aspect and it looks just a tad more formal and not like every other tux you see).

Well, I stumbled across this wonderful article from Southern Weddings that was a great help in my further persuasion of the lapel style. (side note: this is a great wedding blog in general).

Our biggest battle and only disagreement thus far in the entire planning process was over cumberbund vs. suspenders.

I personally love a good bow tie/cumberbund combo. Traditional black, patterned, or the new monogrammed sets from High Cotton Ties, it doesn't matter to me. But Brandon wasn't so convinced. He told me that cumberbunds are for fat people who are trying to hide their bellies.

So he's delusional...but that didn't mean I was going to give in. I just don't think suspenders are formal enough for a 5 o'clock winter wedding. But then I found this picture (once again thanks to the amazing experts at Southern Weddings).

So maybe we don't have to choose. Maybe we can both get what we want.

But is it too much? I still think it would look silly if they took off their jackets and had on a cumberbund AND suspenders. Especially after I found a quote that said something to the effect of, "Suspenders are like underwear, a gentlemen never shows either in public."

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  1. Traditionally, braces are always to be worn with a cummerbund. In the day and age where prom fashion butchers what men term as acceptable for semi-formal attire in their formative years, braces are all too often left off of the pre-dress checklist.

    A proper pair of tuxedo pants are sans belt loops and should contain buttons on the interior for traditional braces. While it's acceptable for a man to wear a cummerbund without braces, a man should never wear a tuxedo without a waistcoat or cummerbund. Ever.

    The old adage "Suspenders are like underwear, a gentlemen never shows either in public" just points to the idea that men are to never take off their jackets in public. This has relaxed a great deal over the past 100 years, particularly in the South, where being stubborn about appearance in formal attire at certain points in the year serve as a health hazard.

    I really enjoy what you guy have done with this blog! It's definitely great to see the planning stages from a personal perspective of someone you know, particularly when it is written so well. I look forward to browsing past entries this weekend.



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