Wedding Dress Shopping Update

5:49 PM

This Saturday was full of emotions for me. I was so excited for mom and I to go try on wedding dresses! I had one in mind in particular and was so excited that I was going to be able to try it on.

We got to Nitsa's on Saturday at 9:45 and met with Chris. She is simply amazing; so nice and enthusiastic.

I tried on 3 dresses, the third being the one that I have had my eyes on (and have showed pictures to numerous people). I LOVED it. But, I also really liked the second one I tried on. So for an hour, we went back and forth between these 2 dresses.

Finally, adding a sash and veil to both, mom looked at me, said, "This is it." She then walked over to hug me and we both started crying. I can't believe I actually had that "moment." I had found my wedding dress!

They took my measurements and we placed the order for the dress. We then cancelled my other two appointments and headed back to Raleigh.

Then my brain went into overload. I really did like both of the dresses...and the other was half as much as the one I ordered. Was it really me? Would I like it in the ivory color when I tried it on in the more champagne color? Is it traditional enough? Would people notice me in the dress or just the dress? Would my grandma like it? I was becoming increasingly stressed out. Especially after my brother was NO help in telling me which dress he liked better and not being able to talk about it with Brandon.

So...I called Chris and asked if we could just put the order on hold for a bit. Mom and hopefully Sarah and I are going to go to a few more places next weekend and then back to try on the other two dresses at Nitsa's the next weekend. Luckily, I do have time.

After slowing things down, I feel a lot better. I don't want my dress to be a spur of the moment decision that I might regret or second guess later. And who knows...maybe that dress is "the" dress, only time will tell! At least I know that it won't be hard to find dresses that I like!

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  1. Aww, you definitely don't want your dress to be a snap decision, it's a good thing that you're taking time to think about it! You should definitely try on more dresses at other stores too. I promise it will help, it will either show you that it is The One or that maybe you should keep looking. <3 good luck!

  2. :) i'm glad that you've already fallen in LOVE with a dress. the moment sounds pretty definitive, but i think you'll feel more sure of your decision after trying on others! happy shopping <3



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