10 Must Haves for Spring

9:17 PM

Happy Spring, y'all!

I wish the weather today was as warm as it was yesterday and Friday, but this week's weather is looking great! I'm always so ready for Spring by the time it gets here and all the amazing things that come with it! Ever since the weather's gotten warmer, I look into my closest and can't find a thing to wear. I know I had cute Spring/Summer clothes to wear last year, but I have no idea where they went. Here are some of my staples for Spring that I could live without, but I'm blessed enough to not have to. What are some of y'alls Spring must haves?

1. Paula's Choice Skin Care: These skincare and makeup products are fragrant free and do not test on animals (you'd be surprised to learn how many of the big cosmetic companies still do this - I'm looking at you, Neutrogena). These products are extremely reasonably priced and are comparable to Target products. If you want amazing looking and feeling skin, I definitely recommend these products. Go visit Julie at Beauty Ethics in Cameron Village and she'll work her magic on you too!

2. Ray Ban Sunglasses: I just recently got a new pair of Ray Bans and Brandon's getting a new pair with prescription lenses and we both love them. Just make sure you get the polarized kind, it really makes a big difference!

3. Essie Nail Polish: I love this nail polish! You can even get it at JCrew, one of my favorite stores! I love how fresh and cheerful their pinks are. They also really seem to stay on better than other brands.

4. iPod Touch: I love mine, even though I do wish it were an iPhone! It's great for working out or just lounging around and listening to music.

5. Jack Rogers: A definite staple for Spring and Summer...and Fall. The platinum color is my favorite and I desperately need to get a new pair. My platinum and gold Jacks are about two years old now and are starting to look embarrassing, or very well loved; whichever way you want to look at it.

6. Sweet Tea: I know it's a must have year round in the South, but there's nothing better than a cold glass of sweet tea on a warm Spring day (with lemon of course). I also like it with a splash of orange juice, a little twist on the traditional Arnold Palmer.

7. Nike Running Shorts: Or "Norts" as they're known in the Greek world are amazing. They're so comfy and they make a regular appearance in my casual/non-work wardrobe. There are so many color options that I'm definitely in the "you can never have enough pairs" group of thought.

8. Barnes & Noble Nook: I got mine for graduation last year and love it, especially with my pink Kate Spade cover! It's so great to know that I can read whatever book I want and not have to worry about lugging them onto a plane or finding room in my suitcase for extra books.

9. Romper: I love a good romper. It's great to not have to wear a dress, but also only have to worry about picking one article of clothing out to wear. I'm so glad these have become more popular since last summer!

10. Floppy Hat: These are great for the beach, but a must if you're lucky enough to go to Carolina Cup or the Kentucky Derby. Ones in fun colors are especially great to add that extra pop of color to your outfit. 

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