Engagement Pics!

10:55 AM

Originally we'd planned to have our engagement pictures taken sometime in April, but now we're hoping to do them mid-late May or early June. Things are getting so hectic in Casa de McPherson that we definitely need a little more time so we can actually enjoy taking our pictures without having a million other things to do. And there's no rush anyways considering we added six more months to our countdown.

I can't believe Brandon graduates law school in 46 days! (Yes, I counted). The past three years have really been a wonderful time in our relationship as Brandon makes one of his dreams come true and I know that having gone through this together, we are that much stronger. And it doesn't make the 2 months he'll be studying for the bar seem like that long. (Someone please remind me of this when it's the end of June and he's halfway there and it's our birthdays).

I've been thinking about what we'll wear for our engagement pics for quite a while now. I love a legitimate excuse to shop!

Here is one of my definite outfits:
I love that this dress is linen, so even though the sleeves are 3/4 length, it'll still be breathable and super comfortable. It's even cuter in person/on a real person. The JCrew model is standing pretty awkwardly. I also have got to get a new pair of Jacks anyways, my current pair are so pitiful.

JCrew Bazaar Tunic

Platinum Jack Rogers

I found this dress on Rent the Runway for $40 for four days and I think it would be really cute. I love navy! But I'm not sure if I want to wear two dresses.I know I want to wear two different outfits, but I'm not sure what look I want to go for.

The other option would be a cute pair of black or navy shorts with some sort of white print and a white blouse. I'm not sure what shoes I would pair with this outfit either. I found a pair of really cute shorts that were a silky material - so they were a little dressier, at Scout & Molly's, but they don't have a picture of them on their website and I can't remember the brand!
Which outfits do y'all like best? Who knows...maybe I'll go with three looks.

I think Brandon's outfits will be very simple and classic "Brandon." More than likely he'll wear his favorite Brooks Brothers' wrinkle free pants and a white non-iron (i.e. Brooks Brothers gift to men and women everywhere), his driving mocs or Cole Haan Bennetts (CH really needs to start making these again) and a bow tie. Of course that bow tie will coordinate with whatever I'm wearing and will more than likely be from High Cotton Ties.

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  1. i love the 3/4 length sleeve dress! The navy one is sooo you and fabulous too, but I can understand you not wanting to have two dress pictures. :) It may be cute to have jeans or nice light pants or even shorts--you have good legs for more casual/seated pictures. Or the infamous piggy back ride =-P haha don't stress out in the McPherson house, you've got TIME on your side <3



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