A few updates

8:59 AM

We're thinking June instead of one of the other spring months because we have friends getting married in March and my cousin is getting married the end of April, so I don't want it to be too soon after that that Brandon and I get married because we don't want Grandpa and Flis, who live in New York, to feel like they're flying/driving in circles.

-We also heard from our florist, Greg and he is all for changing the wedding to June.
-My brother also likes the idea of a June wedding (He's a big swaying factor for me. We're so close and I ask his opinion on everything - even though most of the time he doesn't care either way. The fact that he had an opinion, says a lot!)

Newer Update:
-We just talked to Kellie and she's available for June 2nd!
I also looked at the online church calendar and it looks like they have all of June open right now! I hope that's actually the case!

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  1. JUNE ALL THE WAY! And we can have short dresses!



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