Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection!

3:13 PM

If you haven't heard yet, the Palm Avenue in Cameron Village is being moved once again. They were originally in an itty bitty store then moved to their larger and current location. Now they're in the process of making their biggest and best move yet! They will be moving into the old Victoria's Secret space. They are doubling their square footage with this new move and are not only offering their usual selection of summer chic clothing, but their new home collection will be featured in store as well! They're set to open this May and I can't wait to stop by! They'll also be at Furniture Market in High Point this Spring, so I might have to make mom go over to their showroom and check it out!

If you haven't seen pictures of the line, you're really missing out. I love it! All of the furniture has a very chic and classic design, but it all looks very comfy and livable at the same time. It looks like they also have lots of fabric swatches to choose from too! I can definitely imagine throwing a great party with this furniture. It's all very open to conversation (no high arms to block people off) and the fun colors would put everyone in a great mood!

And Brandon, don't be surprised if our apartment takes on a slight Lilly twist. I need something to distract me while you're studying all the time and you'll learn to love it.

I think the thing that draws me to this collection the most is that it reminds me of what my Nanny would have decorated her home with before she moved back to North Carolina. Mom says she was always wearing classic Lilly shifts and looking fabulous.

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