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Brandon's first love may have been the tuxedo, but mine was and will always be the monogram. I believe, as any true southern girl would, that everything should be monogrammed.

So in honor of Spring and my love for all things monogrammed, here are a few of my favorites.

I've wanted this necklace for doesn't help that it's 20% off at Charlotte's right now and I have $40 in gift certificates there too. I just don't know if I can justify getting one now to wear for a year and then getting another one after we're married.

Best monogram purchase ever. I actually have two of these right now and I use them all the time. It's really nice how they're "sweat proof," so you don't have to worry about it leaving rings on your furniture. I also have a few straws and lids that are handy for my morning smoothies. And it's of course, great for tailgating.

Crane & Co Monogrammed Stationary

I actually have this stationary with the gold border and monogram (the matching envelopes have a cute gold liner too). I love the interlocking monogram for lady's stationary and a block or circle monogram for a man's. Real gentlemen write thank you notes too! I love a flat note card with color, but I also love a folded note card that has a white embossed logo on the front.

Even your home decor can use a little monogram in it! I found a monogrammed pillow on Etsy that I just love and am going to have to get if they can make it in navy, like this picture (it's shown in orange and it just doesn't go with the rest of our living room color scheme). It just makes the room feel so much more personal and homey!

Growing up, I always wanted a monogrammed recipe box, just like my mom had to keep all of her amazing recipes in. I actually love most of the items in the "acrylic monogrammed" line of items. The jewelry, perfume and breakfast tray are all amazing. Even the trash can and soap dispenser add that special touch to your powder room.

I could seriously post a hundred more pictures and still have more monogrammed things to share. It's my passion and an obsession, what can I say. I'm definitely going to have to find lots of little ways to use monograms at our wedding! 

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  1. Girl, I am right there with you! Once I start showing more of our house on my blog you will see what I mean! lol



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