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7:17 PM

So I'm sitting here watching My Fair Wedding with David Tuttera trying to figure out if the "Winter Wonderland" theme wedding he is throwing right now is really something I can truly wrap my head around...which could be problematic since we're getting married this December.

I think my main problem with a winter wedding, especially in December, is that everything will be decorated for Christmas and I don't want a "Christmas" wedding. Don't get me wrong...I love Christmas, probably even more than the next person. The decorations, the movies, the music, I love it all...but this is my wedding, not Christmas. Our church is amazing...but they have these white poinsettias the cover the alter in a Christmas. I am not a fan of white poinsettias. I can even ignore the chrismon tree in the church, but I don't like the idea of the garland on the stairs and then ENORMOUS tree in the lobby of the State Club. With all the red ornaments and gold ribbon, it's just not the color theme that I want to introduce our guests to as soon as they walk into the reception.

So hypothetically...we could change our date. If we could, we would hope to choose June 2nd, but we would only consider changing our date IF we could keep all the vendors that we have so far (Edenton Street, The State Club, and Kellie Kano).

If we had a June wedding, ideally, I would want to put up a tent of the building (there is a huge terrace area to the right of the building) and have the reception held outside and have cocktail hour in the lobby. Then we could have everything southern and amazing that I've been trying to incorporate into our winter wedding that just don't seem to fit. (Like seersucker) Not to mention all the flowers that will be in bloom...hydrangeas, peonies and magnolias for starters. And we'd get the beautiful yellow light that Kellie prefers over the blue in winter.

I know I can't go wrong with either time of year...and part of my problem is I don't want to wait an additional 6 months until I marry Brandon. He and my mom both are being so supportive and will do whatever I want most. I think Brandon is having the same struggle I am with the options of both dates, and maybe even a little more because he just wants to make me happy and isn't sure what I even really want since I don't even know.

So what do y'all think...I need opinions and lots of them! Give me pros...cons, why it would or wouldn't be the best to go from a 13 to a 19 month engagement. I know that the past 4 months have flown by...but we'd have 15 more, instead of 9!!

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  1. I sent you an email with my thoughts. Good luck deciding, I know it'll be wonderful no matter what you go with! There are lots of things to consider, so make your decision carefully and then stick with it. Can't wait!!

  2. I LOVE THE IDEA! I have never been a big fan of December weddings. I love the month of December because it is my birthday and of course because of Christmas. I do not like December weddings because of poinsettas and garland hanging everywhere. I am more of a fan of Summer month weddings because I love the outdoor theme and how amazing it can all look together. You know Brandon is amazing and will not go anywhere. He will wait as long as it takes to marry you. You should also know that Grandfather and Flis won't care coming to see us more than once in a year. It would be amazing to see them more than once a blue moon. I am in total agreement for a June wedding. Thats when I want to get married. :)



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