A New Date Brings New Inspiration

7:42 PM

It's official! We've changed our date!

We will now be getting married on June 30, 2012! We are so lucky to still be able to work with all of the vendors that we previously wanted to work with, so it's been a pretty smooth transition. We are both truly thrilled about this change because I think we will now have the wedding that we've both been envisioning. I know I was excited about our December wedding, but I cannot even explain the excitement I now feel getting to plan a June wedding!

None of this would have been possible without my wonderful groom and luckily, he's on spring break this week. He contacted all of our vendors to see what their June availability was, then recontacted them to double check. He then called me at work to discuss our options. Then he yet again contacted all our vendors to tell him our decision and even visited our reception venue to discuss everything with Wendy, the coordinator at The State Club. When I got home from work, he was ready to fill me in (drawings and all) on everything. I seriously don't know what I would do if Brandon wasn't as into this process as he is! I promise, I realize how lucky I am. 

Since we'll be getting married 6 days after Brandon's 26th birthday and 5 days after my 24th birthday I told Brandon we're going to have to go on a trip/vacation every year for our birthdays/anniversary (3 for 1) to celebrate!

Since we now have a new date, we need a new inspiration board! Here it is:
Summer Garden Party

Meredith also made us one which I love (notice I repeated her awesome bowtie):
Spring Wedding

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  1. I'm excited for June!! I'll certainly be more ALIVE and way more available during this time & I feel that it matches the theme you've been longing for! :) I'm glad you followed your heart and SO IMPRESSED by Brandon's persistent follow-ups and help with contacting the vendors! Great team work--and AWESOME timing w/ bdays/anniversary! Cheers & happy planning :) no rush/stress now! <3



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