Our Engagement Story

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I was originally fixing to post about the chair choices that we're deciding on for the reception (we have three) because I'm just not a fan of the regular dinner club chairs that TSC provides. I started looking the The Alumni Association's pictures and I found some great ones of the bell tower, so it completely changed my mind on what to post.

I know that most of y'all have heard the story of how we got engaged. If not, you can read this next paragraph and if you have, then you can skip down to the one after this.

Around September (maybe October), I sent my class ring back to get the engraving fixed (there was a funny space in between the Σ and K). Cody (who’s in charge of class ring ordering and just happens to be a close friend of Brandon’s) called me on Thursday to tell me that my ring had come in and he was going to put it inside the NC State Bell Tower for the night. (All class rings at NC State have this experience, so as soon as you get it, it has a bigger piece of NC State connected to it.)  I had been very adamant about him doing this, so my ring would be "official." (When Cody called me, it just so happened that Brandon was sitting in Cody's office). We had planned to meet up after the Homecoming Parade, on the way to dinner. When we got to the Bell Tower that night, Cody opened up the inner chamber for me and was telling us a little bit about the inside and how I was the first person to actually get my own class ring from inside the Bell Tower. I walked inside and picked up the Balfour ring box. I opened it and inside was a note that said, “Turn Around.” At this point I was completely baffled. I actually moved the note to see if my class ring was behind the note and then glanced at Cody, thinking he was going to hand me my class ring. (Brandon knows me pretty well, considering he wrote, "Turn Around" on both sides of the paper). Then I saw that Brandon was down on one knee! I was so shocked! Apparently Brandon said this amazingly sweet speech (I didn’t hear a word of it, but he repeated it for me later that night). Then he asked, “Will you marry me?” I said “Yes, of course!” I was in shock and even more surprised by the fact that Brandon was able to truly surprise me; I didn't suspect a thing! I just kept asking if it was all real! After we got back to the car, I burst into tears when it finally hit me that we were really engaged!

Now for the funnier part of this story (and why I love our engagement story so much):
Like I said above, Cody called me to tell me my ring was in...well my phone had been acting up and was cutting in and out as I listened to his message. All I heard was, "Hey Kelsey, this is jksadja;dakl, your ring just came in." That's all I heard because after that sentence I freaked out and thought the jewelry store had called me by accident and my engagement ring was in! Yes, I know I'm insane. Why would the jewelry store have my number and why on earth would they call me to tell me my ring was in?! If I had been a sane, rational person, I would have continued to listen to the message and figured out it was Cody and he was talking about my class ring and that he was putting it in the bell tower and that'd we'd meet him after the Homecoming Parade to pick it up. But I'm not and for some reason when Brandon told me this plan, I didn't question it or why he would know. Probably because I was FREAKING OUT and trying to convince myself that I was nuts and there was no way we were getting engaged any time soon because we had no free time and were always busy! I was already convinced that we were never getting engaged anyways and to prove that, I chopped all my hair off SIX days before we got engaged - it was so long and amazing. Ugh. Mom and Brandon both claim that they wanted to tell me that I didn't really want to cut my hair but didn't know how to tell me not to without me getting mad or suspicious. 

Anyways, so I was completely convinced that it was not happening and that "I didn't care." I think this helped to completely throw off the real suspicions I would have normally had. Like Brandon taking hours to get ready. He also kept asking me if I was going to start getting ready and if I needed to shower...so finally, 10 minutes before we had to head to dinner, I decided to change and freshen up. Brandon still hasn't gotten over me only taking 10 minutes to get ready. I even realized as I was getting ready that it was the 3 year "anniversary" of when we met, but remained completely oblivious. So we head to the bell tower and rock out to our Rat Pack Christmas music (yes, it's the beginning of November). We get there and I hop out of the car thinking I'll just run up and get it and then we'll be on our way to dinner. So I'm booking it, I literally leave Brandon like 30 feet behind me to catch up. And then we got engaged! 

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  1. Kels I heard the story but I'm SO GLAD I didn't skip anything! I LOVE that he wrote on BOTH sides haha i'd so do the same thing! hahaha :-D AND i didn't know the thing about the voicemail! AND we always cut our hair to prove a point! I said the same thing in december "I AM NOT MY HAIR and i 'm not getting married so i'm CUTTIN IT" lol :-D Your hair has already grown so much though! It's good you cut it...it'll be FRESH & pretty--no dead ends ;)



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