The Final Countdown

12:27 PM

Almost as important as the countdown to the wedding...Brandon graduates from law school in one month from today! I am so proud of him for how hard he has worked these past three years. He's been so involved and really embraced law school in every way, meeting lots of great people because of it. Brandon says he can't wait to never walk in this place again, but you and I both know he'll be back to visit.

Graduation is being held at the Meymandi Concert Hall in the Progress Energy Center. I'm sure there will be a few dry eyes in the house, but I definitely won't be one of them. I'm glad they've chosen such a big venue to hold graduation. It feels like a "little too much" which makes it just perfect. Anything short of over the top just wouldn't justify all the hard work and years of stress that they went through to put those two letters on the end of their names.

I know Brandon and everyone else still has a lot of work in between now and May 13th, but the end is finally in sight! (Well, until it's time to start studying for the bar).

And look at the cute caps they get to wear!

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