[Royal] Wedding Fever

3:47 PM

I know that there are very few people as excited about the royal wedding this Friday as I am. I'm a bit obsessed. It does go beyond just a wedding for me. I've always been fascinated by their lives and the history they've been born into.

I'll admit that I've already set my DVR to record every single wedding, William and Kate, Charles and Diana, etc. special and will undoubtedly be waking up at 4am on Friday morning to watch the pre-ceremony festivities and the ceremony before work.

Like everyone else, I cannot wait to see what Kate is wearing. Her style is already iconic and just as much as her dress, I want to see how she'll be wearing her hair and what tiara she'll choose. I definitely think the dress will have some sort of lace and a little cap sleeve at the least. It is the UK and she is marrying the future King of England...modesty and elegance is always expected.

I could definitely see her in something like this. It has a very Grace Kelly feel to it and is actually the dress that Ivana Trump wore to her wedding. The lace and silhouette make it romantic and elegant, but it would still show off her amazing figure. It also has a nice train which is a requirement for Westminster Abbey, but I don't see her being so over the top like Diana's 25' train.

Vera Wang Esther

Or my original wedding dress crush with some kind of straps added:

Vera Wang Whitney

On a more personal wedding planning note...
Brandon, mom and I will be going to meet with the folks over at Classic Party Rentals on Saturday to discuss tent, linen and chair rentals! I'm so excited! Hopefully seeing things together will help us with color choices and tent liner options. I'm sure it will really help us to start envisioning even more what that day's going to look like.

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