The Royal Wedding Recap - UPDATE

9:56 AM

Did you wake up and watch?

I didn't go crazy and wake up super early, that's what DVR's for! I was up and in front of the tv by 5:15 and the lack of sleep was so worth it!

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The wedding was gorgeous and they did have their own special touches to the ceremony but I'm so glad that I'm not royalty. Yes, it would be very cool, but I'm so looking forward to the intimacy at Brandon and my wedding with only having our closest family and friends there!

I do wish my hair looked like hers though, even just in everyday life...grow hair grow! Note to self: just when you think you're never getting engaged, don't chop all your hair off in protest because less than a week later, you will be!

OMG! There's a SECOND dress! After the Queen's reception and a quick rest at Prince Charles' house, Kate (I mean Duchess Catherine) changed into this stunner! And the men changed into double-breasted tuxedos!

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