What a day (or two)...

11:28 PM

Yesterday, Brandon got into a car accident and luckily he's okay, for the most part. He was stopped at a stop light and a guy plowed into the back of him, claiming "he didn't see him"...or the light I guess. Brandon hit the back of his head on his seat, so he went to the ER to get everything checked out and they "scanned his cat." Fortunately, everything internally was good so they gave him some medicine for the whip lash. He's been feeling pretty good, but is definitely sore today. I'm just glad that's the worst of it!

The weather in Raleigh today has been interesting to say the least. Being the Wolfpack faithfuls that we are, we headed to Carter Finley with Tommy and Katie for the the Spring game this morning. We got out to the tailgate lots (where we loved being able to park wherever we wanted) and the weather was iffy. It wasn't raining, but we knew the heavens could open up any second.

We headed over to the Wolfpack Club BBQ Bowl to see my cousin, Adam and his ACW sauce team who were competing. Unfortunately they didn't win (I think they were robbed), but their barbecue was definitely was the best! You can buy their sauce here.

The rest of tailgate was a mix between rain and wind, but we got a reprieve when it was "game" time. The wind and rain both stayed away, but TOB decided to end the game towards the end of the 3rd quarter because the bad weather was coming in.

Good thing too because an hour later, the heavens opened up and tornadoes touched down all over Wake County. So scary, but I think everyone's okay!

We've just been taking it easy tonight, so I've been looking at things on my want list.

I've loved this suitcase for forever now and it'd be perfect and so stylish for when I go to New York in July!

Anyother thing that I've wanted for forever. I really want to be one of those super creative/thrifty people who sees junk and turns it into something awesome and a sewing machine is essential in this. This one even has an embroidery function. A monogram lovers dream!

I'm currently having a strong desire/need to decorate my office at work. I spend 40 hours a week (give or take some socializing and picture taking) and it just needs to be spruced up. My current chair is just one that was around the office. I think a bamboo chair in a fun color would be a great replacement and the cushion would make it comfy. This chair is by Jonathan Adler and is $495. It's a mute point because it's not available anymore, but that's insane! So begins my Craigslist and Flea Market quest.

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