The Getaway Dress

10:03 AM

Our parents and grandparents would always change into a different dress or skirt suit before they left their wedding reception. Mostly, it was the practical thing to do because they would head to the airport or get in the car and head to their honeymoon destination. Recently, the practice has been used less and less, but it's still a nice idea. That way, even if you don't leave for the honeymoon until the next day, you won't have to worry about someone meeting you or coming to the hotel to pick up your wedding dress. But...if you change, that's a little less time you get to be in your dress.

I think these short, white dresses by BHLDN breathe new life into the tradition.

What do y'all think? Tired and outdated or timeless and fun?

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  1. Your Aunt and Uncle have been married 30 years this October, LOL, and before you know it we will be the old sweet couple



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