Monique Lhuillier BM dresses

4:19 PM

I want this dress. I don't know where I'd wear it to...but I want it.'s a bridesmaid dress, but it's stunning. And it's Monique Lhuillier, so it's not very "bridesmaidy" anyways, it's just gorgeous.

She has lots of beautiful dresses that I think any bridesmaid would be happy to walk down the aisle in...if only they weren't so pricey. It's always fun to at least look.

P.S. ONE WEEK until Brandon graduates from law school and finally gets the present I've been driving him nuts about for the past month!

Here are some of the hints he's gotten:
1-No one else in Raleigh has one.
2-He's never asked for it.
3-He's going to flip out and maybe even cry when he sees it.
...and maybe I'm telling the truth...but maybe I'm lying. hehe This has been way too much fun!

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