Law School Graduation

9:16 AM

Sorry it's been so long since I posted, it's been a busy few weeks! Brandon graduated from law school on May 13th and it was absolutely wonderful. He even earned a Book Award for his Common Interest Communities class!

After graduation, we headed to Cafe Luna with a crowd of 15. Mostly our families, but Ryan and Jay came too! Later that night we went to dinner with Sara Beth and Fred at 18 Seaboard. It was delicious and I had the best sangria ever. We then proceeded to Foster's where Brandon and a bunch of his law school classmates threw a party. After that we went to Isaac Hunter's where we ended up running into some of Brandon's fraternity brothers (which is not an unusual occurrence). We ended the night at Char-Grill, which is only fitting after a very long day.  It was an all around wonderful day and I can't believe it came and went so quickly!

Here are a few pics from graduation and right after. I forgot to take pictures at lunch and we were too busy celebrating to remember to take pictures that night.

Oh...and Brandon LOVED his present! I need to take a picture of it to post. It's a signet ring with the MacPherson badge on it. It looks amazing and the detail is impeccable. I got it from Dexter's and could not be more pleased. I also got him some sealing wax, so he used his ring to seal the inner envelopes of his graduation announcements! We're definitely going to be doing that for the rehearsal dinner invitations as well! It's such a neat and personal touch.

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  1. how awesome is this :) what is next for you 2? will he take time off or will he try to find a job right away?

  2. So exciting! That is a great gift. :)



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