Birthday Week!

9:56 AM

Happy Monday y'all!
It was a very busy weekend, but we got lots done on Sunday.
From packing tons of boxes to cleaning out B's very dirty car, I'm exhausted!
Friday was a great time being reunited with some of my high school girls,
some of us went to dinner at Natty Greene's and had a great time catching up!

Then we met up with more girls and headed out downtown.
Then we went to the most low key bar there which was still pretty crazy considering Super Jam was going on.
The night ended with us running in the opposite direction of the cops in bullet proof gear and an armed man.
Oh never disappoint do you?
Saturday was reserved for laying out at the pool and then another amazing birthday dinner.

I think when Brandon and I decided to move the wedding from December to June, we decided to pick the date that was closest to the one with the most stuff going on.Brandon's birthday is the 24th (He'll be 25!) and my birthday is the 25th (I'll be 23). 
So within a two week period, we have both our brithdays, our wedding and the 4th of July.
June is a busy month! I have 3 other really good friends with birthday within a week of each other too!

Now we're off to another busy week!
Dinners with friends and a Beauty Ethics birthday treat for myself! 
Seriously, ya'll (knocks on wood) my skin has never looked better, go see Julie!
I can't wait to post about all the birthday surprises I have in store for B!

P.S. We're 75 days until one of the best seasons of the year...Football Season!
With our newly acquired season tickets, this years tailgating is going to be the best yet!

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