Birthday Weekend Recap: Part 1

5:07 PM

Brandon's Birthday:

Thursday night, my brother and I made Brandon's birthday cake. My brother (the aspiring chef) took the lead on this one, but I was definitely there doing what I could (and taking mediocre pictures).

After a full day of work for me, and a full day of class and studying for B, we both managed to be at the mall at the same time. B was getting a pair of prescription Ray Bans to hold him over until he gets his Costas back from being repaired (he went to take them off and they snapped in two!), while I was finishing up some last minute birthday shopping. While in Brooks Brothers (they're currently having their semi-annual sale!), I found a shirt that I liked, but didn't know if it was too much for I called Brandon over and we shopped together, which was much more fun anyways! 

We ended up getting Brandon two new button downs and a pair of their wrinkle free non-pleat, uncuffed khakis (Brandon already has a khaki and navy pair of the pleated and cuffed variety and they are seriously a gift to whoever does the laundry), After we finished our shopping, we headed went home and got ready for dinner. This was of course without an adventure of it's own. I think it's been so hot in Raleigh that even with my gas light being on since only that morning, what little was in there evaporated enough to make me run our of gas! Luckily my guardian angel was with me (I'm not kidding, I really do have one), and I didn't run out until I was at the mailbox in our apartment complex. Brandon saved the day and luckily this wasn't as time consuming as his 23rd birthday when I lost a diamond earring down the shower drain - that he recovered! So after we got my car taken care of and cleaned up for dinner, I gave him his main birthday present:

This is a present for Brandon (but for myself and our tailgate group as well!) This football season is the first with our lifetime rights seats and we're all counting down the days...68...until it's finally here!

Running a little late, per usual, we headed to 18 Seaboard to meet Sara Beth and Fred...and 7 other close friends of Brandon's. We get to the restaurant and Brandon is so oblivious/super focused on talking the Fred, that he doesn't even notice the big group of people waiting for him until I practically push him into the table to get his attention.

Birthday dinner attire

Needless to say, he was very surprised and happy! Dinner was wonderful, as it always is at 18 Seaboad. (I highly recommend going if you've never been.)
Then they brought out Brandon's birthday cake on a special plate!

I'm so excited that the cake turned out better than expected and everyone else thought so too!
From dinner, we headed to Fayetteville Street where we started out at Isaac Hunter's before ending the night at The Oxford.

I think Brandon had a great 25th birthday and I want to say a special thank you to all his friends who were able to make it to dinner for his birthday surprise!

Tomorrow I'll post the recap from my birthday!

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