Birthday Weekend Recap: Part 2

11:48 AM

My birthday:

Saturday was my birthday and a truly wonderful day!
After staying out late for Brandon's birthday, I slept in a little bit.
After I woke up, Brandon made us a delicious breakfast of omlets with goat cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms, fresh fruit and hash browns! It was perfect...after I reminded B that you're supposed to use vegetable oil, not olive oil to cook the hash browns.

After breakfast we relaxed for a good part of the day, watching a really good movie on TV, Second Hand Lions. It's very rare that there's a movie on that B's seen and I haven't that I actually enjoyed!
After the movie we went to Dress Raleigh to see if they had any cute dresses that I might want to wear for my birthday dinner, even though I still had no idea where we were going.
I didn't find anything, but we went and got some frozen yogurt from Yogen Fruz (just the name is fun!)
I got their vanilla with strawberries and bananas mixed in with gummy bears on top - it was my birthday after all!

We then headed back to the apartment so I get could ready for dinner because mom was coming over beforehand so we could spend a little quality birthday time together. We went and got a sweet tea and Village Deli and had the best time talking!
When we got back home was when I started to get a little suspicious...
we walked in the door and my mom hurried herself, my brother and Dale out the door so they could go to dinner. It was already 7:20 and our reservations were at 7:30. I was ready to go, but Brandon said we should wait just a second.

When we finally got in the car, he tried to make me put on my sleeping mask to I couldn't see where we were going. Much to Brandon's chagrin, I might have messed up my hair and I did not want to be that person riding down the road with a blind fold on - sketch. I did agree to close my eyes and continued to bug Brandon the entire 30 minutes that he made us drive around as to confuse me...because being blind wouldn't be enough.

We finally parked and I was allowed to open my eyes. After trying to catch my bearings and ignore how dizzy I was, I realized we were at Angus Barn...where we were supposed to be going with my mom, Dale and Ryan the next night. At this point, I pretty much knew what was up despite Brandon's, "It's good enough to eat here two nights in a row." Which was amusing because I love Angus Barn and I'll even eat a steak there (the only place I will), but even at AB, steak two nights in a row is pushing it.
My (silent) amusement continued when we went to be seated and B's panicked reaction when they actually took us to a table for two...and then back to the hostess stand and then into the room we were supposed to be in.

Based on the way mom was acting and the fact that we were at the restaurant we were supposed to be eating at the next night, I figured my mom, brother and Dale would be there; but I was thrilled to see who else was there! My Aunt Marcia, Uncle Vaughn and cousin, Adam were there along with Brandon's parents , Sarah, Angela and Meredith and Kevin! Jay, Tommy and Katie came later for an all around wonderful group of great family and friends! There seriously isn't anything I love more than getting to spend time with my family and friends, and when we're all together, it's just that much better!

Here's the only picture we took that night:

I really think it's the best birthday I've ever had. Thank you to everyone who helped make it so special!
Can you believe it, this time next year, I'll be getting married tomorrow!

And if you made it through all that...Thanks!

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