Let the Countdown Officially Begin!

9:24 AM

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After getting all the way down to our 9 month mark, Brandon and I had a serious conversation about how frustrated I was with planning this winter wedding when all I kept envisioning was a big white tent and lots of pretty flowers. I would literally start thinking about what I wanted the wedding to be and than have to stop, readjust and remind myself that I was getting married in December, not June.

The other main problem was that I love Christmas, but I wanted the two occasions to be separate, not one big event. There was no way of getting around the huge Christmas tree and garland on the stairways at The State Club and there definitely was no way of moving the hundreds of "white" (yellow) poinsettias that cover the alter at Edenton Street at Christmas. 

The solution? Luckily Brandon was on Spring Break that week and wonderfully contacted and recontacted all of our vendors that we currently were using and found a date that worked for us and them! I think if it weren't for Brandon's willingness to take a lead on this, we wouldn't be having the wedding that I've always dreamed of.

So here we are, ONE YEAR until our big day! I feel like the time goes by so much quicker when your thinking in terms of months instead of a year and some months.

In the next month or two we also need to:
-Put the deposit on our getaway car (B's in charge of this one)
-Start looking into bands and listening to them play live
-Contact different videographers whose work we like
-Look at more rental companies to figure out where we're getting our tent and dance floor from
-Decide on a rehearsal dinner venue (I'm really leaning towards 18 Seaboard right now)
-We have our first marriage counseling session on August 6th and I'm so excited about it! 

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  1. i was soooo excited to hit the 1 year mark today, even though i wanted to be a fall bride because of the heat, but i wanted a holiday weekend (canada day up here is the 1st of July) because of all the out of town family that will get an extra day to spend with us. Good luck getting your checks done :)



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