Wedding Shoes

10:13 AM

With my dress arriving in North Carolina any day now,
it's time to start thinking more seriously about my shoes!
I found these beauties from BHLDN and I absolutely adore them...
everything about them is perfect...except for their 4" heel.
Not even a professional heel wearer can expect to wear 4" heels for 8 hours and not feel the repercussions. 

Seriously...these shoes are amazing and are the origin behind my love affair with the color "blush."
I think shoe designers need to start offering their shoes; especially ones this perfect, in different heel heights. If these had a 3" heel I would have bought them a month ago.
They're seriously so perfect that I emailed BHLDN to see if maybe, just maybe, they could make them with a 3" heel. Yes, I know that's ridiculous, but it never hurts to ask!

I think the kate spade Keeden would also be a great wedding shoe.

They're your typical white satin wedding shoe, but are still fun at the same time.
I just don't want to pay all that money for a white satin shoe that I'll never wear again.
The ones on the kate spade website recommend that you not dye there satin shoes.
Then there's My Glass Slipper  that has kate spade shoes that are dyeable.
The website itself has lots of color options that they'll dye your shoes for you, 
but I'm not sure if any are just right.
I ordered a sample swatch of the "light pink" but I really don't think it's going to capture the color I'm wanting like the blush does on the BHLDN shoes.
I'm also confused as to why one pair of shoes from the designer's website isn't dyeable, 
but the ones from this other website are.

I'm going to look into whether there are places in Raleigh that do a custom color dye job. 
I really don't want it to look like I have on dyed wedding shoes - not cute.

And don't worry dear bridesmaids, I won't be this picky when it comes to your shoes!

Other cute wedding shoe possibilities: 

BHLDN - 3.5" heel

BHLDN - 3.5" heel

BHLDN - 2.25"

Do y'all have any favorites?
Or maybe come across something that you'd think I'd love?
Let me know!

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  1. Ooh, I love the last pair! They're so summery looking but still really sophisticated for wedding shoes. Plus, what a great height!! The glittery champagne is cute.



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