Catching Up

4:37 PM

It's been a busy week!
Last Thursday we started our move from the apartment to our two-month condo sublet.
I definitely think this move was harder than the one in September will be. It's really hard to care about where things will go when you're going to pack them up again in a month. We got things sort of settled...if you count having our washer and dryer in the dining area.
The move wasn't without drama though. The movers were supposed to get there in between 12 and 5, we were told closer to 1...
All those times came and went and finally the movers showed up at a little past 6. The moving company had double booked the day, but the movers that came were awesome! They had everything loaded up and unloaded in a little over 2 hours. 

Sunday we had a busy day of unpacking, but we did take some time to go over to our friend's house and have a mini barbecue. I think I'm crazy though...who moves into a new place and decided they're going to bake a cake from scratch? Obviously I do, but it turned out delicious and I'm glad I made it!

We have some big checks that we've done this week!
We FINALLY scheduled our engagement picture session! We'll be taking them on August 17th and I am so excited! I love looking at Kellie's pictures and I can't wait for them to be her pictures of us!

Brandon also booked our getaway car for the reception. We're both really excited about it!
White 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
I think to get to the ceremony and then from the ceremony to the reception, we might rent trolley's for the bridal party to ride on. I think it would be really long as they have air conditioning! I'm pretty sure that B and I will rent a small towncar to take us to the reception. I really want us to be able to have the alone time after the ceremony and there's no need for our fancy getaway car to take us to the reception when we're not having a big exit from the church or anything for people to see us!

This Saturday I'm going to New York with practically all my family from my mom's side and I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll remember to take lots of pictures so I can have a picture heavy recap! I know it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure my brother has lots of good restaurants already picked out! I am sad that B can't go because it's so close to the bar, but I know he really needs this extra time to study. When I get back, we'll be down to the two week countdown until he takes it! Really exciting for me...but terrifying for him!

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