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12:13 PM

I know I posted previously about what we'd be wearing for our engagement photos, but I'm slightly redirecting the looks I'm going for. Especially after I found the cutest Madewell dress while in New York.

I really wish they had the actual dress online...it's so hard to visualize sometimes and mine is much cuter than the one I pictured! I'll probably wear either my platinum jacks or a pair of flats with the dress.

Brandon being Brandon obviously still wants to wear a bow tie with at least one of his outfits. Based on the ones he has right now, we both think his lavender seersucker one would look best. It's actually a lot more subtle than the picture makes it appear, but we might try to something that matches a little better.

High Cotton Ties
I really love this one in general and think it might go better with my dress.

B's also decided to switch things up and wear his boots instead of the dressier loafers that he was originally planning. Our engagements pictures with probably (hopefully) be shot in a field, and boots are definitely more practical!

With Brandon wanting to wear his red and white button down, I'm going to look for a white top so we both won't be in competing colors. I love this top that another one of Kellie's brides wore for her engagement photos. The problem is that I obviously don't have any way of finding out on my own who made it/where she got it. It would also be multi-functional and I could wear it to football games! (Speaking of football games...we're 51 days away from kick off!)I also think I want my other outfit to be jeans and a cute top. I feel like that'll make for a good combination of pictures. Brandon really wants me to wear my cowboy boots for my jeans picture, but I'll just have to see if regular or skinny jeans look better with whatever top I end up picking out. For my jeans outfit, Brandon will just keep on his khakis and change into a more casual button down without a bow tie.

photo by Kellie Kano

With a top like this, I think skinny jeans and flats would look best.
I really like both of these jeans.

J Brand 811 in Ink

J Brand 811 in Navy

Does anyone have any suggestions or know where I can get this top? Seen anything close to it?

I'm so ready for our engagement picture session to be here! We're almost down to our month countdown for those. Maybe if I have lots of mini countdowns within our main one, it will make the time go by even faster.

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  1. Hey - I was just browsing the J Crew sale and came across this -it looks very similar to the one in the picture. While it doesn't look like they have your size, maybe you could try to find it in stores!




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