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1:24 PM

I hope everyone's having a wonderful week so far!
Today we made some big progress in terms of the overall aesthetic of the wedding!
We met with our florist at CE Rental to pick out our linen and chair rentals.
From our one meeting, I honestly cannot say enough good things about CE. They were so helpful and understanding...not to mention that they have HUNDREDS of different linens in all different colors.

We took a good amount of pictures so that I can show mom (and all of you!) and they even gave us some samples. It's nice to actually see the texture and remember the color in person as well as in our pictures.

Right now we're planning on having 12 of the blush duponi linens on the left and 8 of the taffeta "ribbon." I love the ribbon one because of it's texture and the floral patterns the ribbon creates just adds more of a garden-y theme underneath the actual flowers.
I say right now because when I showed mom the pictures, she loves the one on the right so much and I think both her and I are semi-leaning towards using the ones on the right on all the tables. I also think that even though the taffeta ribbon linens are "more" in terms of the pattern, the blush might bring too much pink to the over all look of the reception.

Here's the linen on the right on a bunch of tables.

With both those linens, we decided that an ivory napkin looked much better than a plain white. The white was just too much of a stark contrast to the soft ivory of the ribbon linen.

We also decided to go with the mahogany chiavari chairs with the ivory cushion.

As far as the cake and sweetheart tables are concerned, we're planning on going with the one on the left. This will likely change if we do all the guest tables in the taffeta ribbon linen. The one on the left is the same blush duponi linen as above, it just has a pearl/beaded overlay. If we switch things up and only have one linen for the guests tables, I'll probably want to use the blush duponi linen on these two tables.

As for the cocktail tables, they don't necessarily have to "go" with the rest of the linens since all of the above will be outside in the tent and the cocktail tables will be in the main entryway of The State Club.
I didn't get a picture of that swatch, but it's a similar material to the blush duponi, but in a champagne color.

I also think these would be really fun cocktail tables.

Are you overwhelmed? I know I am!

Our other big task that we're looking into right now is videography. I think it's great and Meredith's video was beyond amazing. Everyone we've looked at so far is fantastic and their prices reflect that. 
Our pictures are going to be so incredible that I just have to decide if it's something that's really important to us and if we do want it. Whether that's having one through the getting ready process, during the ceremony and the first part of the reception with our dances and toasts. So many decisions!! Does anyone know any aspiring videographer's that would be artistic but still give us a good deal? 

Edit: I forgot to add that we're also getting our dance floor from CE! Brandon was adamant about this dance floor. Similarly, like he was about having a band over a DJ. I'm not sure where we're getting our tent from yet. It all really depends on The State Club. If they have an exclusive contract with Classic Party Rentals to do the tent, then we'll have to go through them. If not, we'll be going through CE and using the people that they use. (I'm really hoping for the second option!)

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  1. Love the choices! The textured taffeta ones are really gorgeous. I think it would look amazing if all of the guest tables were in that and you had the accent tables(cake, sweetheart, maybe cocktail?) in blush. The only reason I think that is that blush tables in the midst of the cream textured ones might break it up and create a different look than you seem to like.

    Do they have the coin linen in pink/blush? I agree those are cool for tall cocktail tables.

    I know it will look great no matter what you pick. This is the fun part of planning!! :)

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're on the same page with all the same type on the guest tables. I'm really leaning towards that. I'm not sure what color they have the coin linens in...I'll have to ask! They don't have much in the blush color...more brighter pinks.

  3. Love! I agree on doing all of the guest tables in the textured taffeta, they are beautiful and will help prevent from having too much pink. Good choices!



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