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9:28 AM

We've been so busy trying to get things unpacked and organized that I haven't even really thought about wedding planning since last week! It's actually kind of nice to have something that I can focus on that gets me instant (or closer to it) gratification. Brandon and I are loving our new little house and are finally starting to really make a dent in some of the boxes. Our mudroom is a disaster and we haven't hung anything on the walls yet, but it's starting to come together!

I haven't even had a chance/remembered to take any pictures. I'll try to remember to take some of the outside today or tomorrow. That part looks pretty, it's just the inside that I'm not ready to post for all the world to see. I'm slightly OCD and a perfectionist and those two things do not go well with moving.

Tonight we're continuing our kitchen table and chairs project.
It started out looking like this:

Very pretty, but a little too dark for our bright and cheery eating area. At the beginning of the summer, Brandon completely sanded down the table and all four chairs. Then we (mostly he) painted them white. I love the look, but I've found that they're getting marked up so easily since they don't really have a finish on them. I was already toying with adding some kind of top layer to the paint when I found this picture.

I love the contrast of the white with the blue and it'll go perfect with the curtains we're hanging in that room. Last night we went to Home Depot and picked up all our supplies. We went with a slightly paler blue color than the picture. We can't have it getting mistaken for Carolina blue (even though I know it will). Hopefully I'll continue to get better with taking pictures of all my steps. I'm really hoping to get this done by Saturday, but we'll see. I'll be using these instructions.

We obviously have some odds and ends to get, but the biggest piece we're in need of is something to set our TV on. In the apartment, we hung it above the fireplace and since we don't have a fireplace in the house, that isn't an option. I'm hoping to get something like this.

That wall is pretty much empty right now and I think something that's both functional and pretty would work great there. Obviously at $549, I won't be purchasing this piece. Luckily, my mom thinks there might be a piece at her work that might be exactly what we need (and a fraction of the cost since it needs some repair and is just sitting in the warehouse). If that doesn't work out, she's going up to Virginia on Monday for this really awesome flea market. I'm going to send her with a list of things to look for! The best part being that she's the world's best bargainer. A few years ago she convinced the Verizon sales guy to give us a buy 1 phone, get 2 free deal. Ridiculous.

On that wall, I'm eventually hoping to make it a gallery wall of photos along this wall to help fill up the space without being to overwhelming. I never thought we'd be one of those couples who had pictures of themselves all over their home, but after seeing our first two engagement picture sneak peeks...we might be. I promise to mix in photos of family and friends too! 

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