Friday Updates

12:39 PM

We've had some exciting wedding and non-wedding related things happen in the past couple of days!

As I'm sure y'all remember from our engagement outfit post, Brandon is planning on wearing a bow tie for one of his outfits. We both love this one and agreed that it would look best with my dress.

The only problem was that it wasn't available online anymore and none of the stores in Raleigh that carry High Cotton Ties had it either. Needless to say Brandon was a little concerned, so he gave Judy a call. She was friendly as always and told him she had one left, but needed a really good reason to send it to him as opposed to her store in Charleston. Brandon told her that it was for our engagement pictures and she was so thrilled for us that she not only let Brandon have it over the other store, but she GAVE it to him! Talk about some Southern hospitality, y'all. It probably doesn't hurt that we sing their praises to anyone who'll listen.

I also gained some clarity when it comes to our wedding vision. I've been going back and forth between colors and styles and confusing myself in general. On Monday, I met with Elissa and she helped create an inspiration board from all the ideas running around in my head and I love it! I feel like it's brought me back to what I really want our Southern wedding to be. Flowers being a main part of it, but not too overwhelming and intimidating. Small person details and a bigger emphasis on family, friends and everyone coming together.

Brandon and I both agreed that we love mint julep cups and it would be wonderful to have them as a part of our wedding. The even better part is that my mom has a huge collection from when she was growing up and she's going to ask my grandpa if she can borrow some of his since he has even more. The small arrangements might be smaller than originally planned, but they'll be so much more personal and we can add depth by putting votive candles around them. I really love this idea!

On the non-wedding related front, we have a date that we're moving into the new house!
We're moving the 26th of this month, so that's only 2 more weeks in the teeny tiny sublease with boxes everywhere! I can't wait to hang this sign up somewhere in our house:

In almost as exciting news (or more-depending on how you view things), we got our season tickets today!
Brandon picked our tickets up from the Wolfpack Club today. Now we're even more ready for September 3rd than ever before!

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  1. Where did you get that sign? I LOVE IT! Also, we have tickets to the UNC and Michigan games! GO PACK!

  2. I'm getting ours from here:
    You can pick from two different sizes.



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