Hand Stamped

1:14 PM

If everything really is in the details like they say, then these would be a perfect finishing touch.
These cute forks take cake cutting from the possible food fight to a cute way to add another personal touch to your special day. It may seem a bit silly, but they are really cute, aren't they? It would be a nice sentiment to break them out every year on your anniversary or another special occasion. They aren't too pricey either, at $17.99 for the set, it's definitely not going to break the bank. 

The cake server would be a much more practical investment. I would prefer to have our wedding date hand stamped as opposed to "just married" because I think after 20 years of marriage, it might be a little silly.

In other celebration news, it's my brother's birthday today!
I can't believe he's 19! Sometimes I feel like he's much older and should be able to go out with Brandon and I. Others I don't know how he got to be so grown up! I swear it was just yesterday when he and his friends were so skinny that they had abs in their little swim team speedos. We went to Angus Barn with Mom on Sunday to celebrate and we're going to The Pit tonight with Dad! Lots of yummy food!
Happy Birthday Ry! I love you!

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