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Happy Friday!
I'm sure y'all are just as pleased that it's the weekend as I am!
It's been an exceptionally long week after having a nice mini-holiday last weekend.

Brandon and I have been on a movie watching streak lately and I'm happy to announce that they've all been wonderful! With the weather in North Carolina looking to be rainy this weekend, there's nothing better than taking in a good movie.

Even though Harry Potter is never quite what I want it to be, it was still really good. I don't think I'd ever be completely satisfied unless they used the book as their script, but alas, that never happened. It's definitely one to see and the action did not disappoint. Much better than the 6th and 7th Part I.

Last Thursday, we went to go see Bridesmaids as part of our post bar celebration. I know that most gentlemen don't think this would be a movie that's up their alley, but they'd be wrong. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard during a movie. ever. It was seriously roll on the floor laughing. If you haven't seen it, it's a wonderful pick me up.

Last night, we took advantage of the Living Social Fandango deal and went to see Crazy Stupid Love. This movie far surpassed any other romcom I've seen lately. Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Steve Carell and Julianne Moore really outdid themselves. The story line is like Love Actually where everyone is connected and I love movies like that. You really get to see a deeper side of the characters and the actors really have to be on their A-game. And hello, have you seen Ryan Gosling's body? Go see it!

The movie last night had some wonderful previews and I have lots on my must see list now:

-The Help - I just finished reading this book and it was truly incredible and now I can't wait to see the movie. I always recommend reading the book before seeing the movie because you get so much more out of a book. The book is from the viewpoint of one white and two black women and I think it did a lot better job than most in really helping you to understand what it was like to live in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. 
-The Change-Up with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman
-One Day with Anne Hathaway
-The Ides of March with George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds 

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