Moving Day!

9:39 AM

Last night Brandon and I went to The State Club for dinner and it was delicious as always. They had their 5-5-5 Thursdays where you could get 5 drinks and 5 appetizers for $5 each and they were delicious! We ended our meal with peach flambe. It was just as fun to watch it be made as it was to eat. They served the maple bourbon peaches with NC State's Howling Cow pecan crunch ice cream. Yum!

I'm working until 11, but then I'm off to help Brandon and my brother get everything moved to the new house. We don't want to be fighting with Irene tomorrow and all that rain...especially with a white(ish) sofa.It was nice to have a relaxing dinner before the craziness of moving kicks in.

It's going to be one crazy weekend!
We're hoping to get everything moved to the new house today because my mom's coming tomorrow to help us hang pictures and get everything organized. Hopefully while all that organizing is going on, Brandon will receive a letter in the mail telling him he passed the bar! Sunday we're going to Laurinburg to visit Brandon's family. This is a part happy trip and part sad. Sunday is Brandon's mom's birthday so we're excited to get to see her and celebrate a little! Unfortunately, Brandon's grandma isn't doing too well, so Brandon wanted to be with his family during this time. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers! 

While we were at dinner last night, I tried to take a picture of the area we're placing the tent for our reception.

It definitely didn't turn out very well, but we're putting the tent on the gray space. It's nice that it's outdoors, and surrounded by a good amount of green (the building is to the left of this picture) without guests having to worry about their shoes sinking in the grass.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with pictures of our new house at least semi-put together!
8 days until football season! They've changed our mostly sunny forecast to scattered showers and I'm hoping it'll change again. If not, it looks like our tent will come in handy for more than the shade!

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  1. Your blog always makes me hungry :) Best of luck with moving, and your reception space looks really pretty!



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