Pasta Salad

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 I'm so excited that we're now in almost single digit countdowns for our first football game! The official "figure out what we eating" email went out today and I am so excited! Whether it's raining, 110 degrees or perfect, I'll be happy as a Wolfpack fan can be next Saturday! So in honor tailgate season being so's the last recipe that I made for our tailgate practice last Saturday.

My (mom's) pasta recipe is a relatively easy one that isn't difficult, but there is a certain art to it.
I only have a finished picture of this because I wasn't planning on posting this recipe, but I figured I would share the love.

Mom's Pasta Salad
-2 boxes Barilla tri-color rotini pasta
-12 oz Athenos reduced fat feta
-1 container cherry tomatoes
-16 oz Ken's Lite Caesar dressing*
Do not get any dressing other than this specific one.

Boil water and add all pasta. Cook until done and then drain immediately.

While the pasta is cooking, slice up your tomatoes into small pieces (I normally have about 6 small pieces from each tomato). Combine the entire container of feta and sliced tomatoes into the bottom of the bowl you'll be serving the pasta salad in. 

Once the pasta has cooled (no steam), stirring occasionally so that the pasta doesn't stick together. Combine the pasta with the tomato/feta mixture. Place the pasta salad in the fridge for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

Now for the tricky part. Once  the pasta has cooled off even more, add the Lite Caesar dressing. Poor in about 3/4 of the bottle and mix together. Cover and place the pasta back into the fridge. Let the dressing soak into the pasta for at least an hour - the pasta salad doesn't need to have a "wet" look. This is another recipe that is best if you make it the night before. If you do this, in the morning mix up the pasta salad to make sure that it isn't too dry. If it is, add in some more dressing and let that soak in before serving. It's definitely not an exact science and you'll just have to see what works best for you and your tastes.

*I'm sure some of y'all have noticed by now that I use the same green bowl for a lot of my cooking. The sole reason for that is that I don't have large enough mixing bowls. This bowl is my "pasta salad bowl." Something about the clay bowl just makes the pasta salad taste better. My mom's pasta salad bowl is also clay, but it's a darker green and was her mom's.

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