Today's the Day!

10:03 AM

As I'm sure a lot of y'all already know, we take our engagement pictures today!
I am so excited to meet with Kellie and I know they are going to turn out fabulous. Brandon and I had a great connection with her just during the little time we spent with her during our initial consultation and I know today is going to go wonderfully. I can't wait to get them back so I can show everyone! After that, I'll really be able to get the ball rolling on our Save the Dates and finishing up our wedding website!

We have our outfits finalized for the most part. We have 2 definite outfits that go very well together and then I have 2 more dresses that I can choose from if we think we should do a third outfit. Brandon, of course, had to come up with alternatives for both dresses. The excitement on Brandon's face when he heard that I was bringing third outfit options was ridiculous. Y'all. He about keeled over in pure glee. I was able to reel him back in and bring him back to earth. He seriously wanted to wear a suit. Hello. It's August. It's hot outside. No. Luckily I was able to quickly pull together some outfit options for him that satisfied his inner fashionista.

After today, the next time Brandon sees Kellie will be on our wedding day! I'm a little luckier and get to see her for my bridal portraits...but I will be in my wedding dress!

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