Weekend Adventures

12:10 PM

I finally have my fiance back! 
Not that he was technically "gone," but if you've ever known anyone to take the bar...they're stressed out, distracted and not all there. It's definitely been a hard and long journey but I'm glad that I got to be with Brandon for every step of the way. Now just to wait until September for him to get the results... 

We've spent the past few days spending time together because we honestly haven't had the chance lately.
On Thursday I got off work early, so we ended up going to a very nice dinner at Angus Barn and then went to go see Bridesmaids. Angus Barn's chocolate chess pie is seriously the best dessert ever. Especially warmed up and a la mode. That was seriously the funniest movie I've ever seen. I don't think we stopped laughing the entire time. I highly recommend it. I took the day off on Friday and we went on a nice walk and to the pool. That night we went to the Durham Bulls game with my dad and brother because it was my dad's company's family night at the game. That was a lot of fun even though I wish it had been cooler. The fireworks show afterwards was incredible and helped to make up for the heat!

On Saturday, we lost our minds. I had planned a kayaking trip up on the James River in Western Virginia. We woke up early Saturday morning to make the drive. Then we proceeded to kayak 9 miles!! 

I don't know how we made it. Our original plan was to stop somewhere on the river to have lunch, but we never found anywhere to stop. It was a lot of fun, but I wish the water had been a little deeper and had a stronger current. The only time we caught any motion other than our own arm power was when we went down the few rapids - that were also so shallow that we kept getting stuck on rocks. Needless to say it was quite and adventure from all the bumps and bruises to driving through torrential downpours and getting lose on the way back to our favorite state.

We ended our very busy long weekend by going down to Laurinburg, where all of Brandon's family lives for a family reunion on his mom's side. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet most of the people in Brandon's family that I hadn't already met. Next time I'll have to bring my bathing suit! Everyone was having so much fun in the pool!

With our crazy weekend, we didn't have time to get any wedding related stuff done except for call our desired rehearsal dinner venue. They have the date available, but the only problem might be our guest list. The room seats 50, but we'll more than likely have about 65 people there. Our families' are just so big! We really need to call them back and see if they can be at all flexible! The menu looks so good! I really don't want to have to give it up!

We also really need to finalize our guest list. We're taking engagement pictures in 2 weeks and as soon as we get those back, I'll start working on our Save the Dates. We can't really send them out without a list of everyone we're inviting and their addresses!

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