10 Years Later

3:27 PM

 We all remember that moment, where we were, who we were with, all of it.

I was in Mrs. Jones' 8th grade Algebra class. We were all confused because the TV was on. We were all talking like normal before we started to pay attention to what was on the news. A lot of my classmates were confused and didn't really know what was going on since they didn't know what the World Trade Centers were. I was a little more knowledgeable since we had been on top of that tower a year earlier when we went to visit my grandparents in New York. I was scared, not only for what was unfolding before all of our eyes, but because my Grandpa and Flis live in the city. I just hoped and prayed that they were okay.

Luckily, I didn't have to wait too long to find out. Shortly after the news broke, my mom picked my brother and I up from school. The exact moment I was asking if Grandpa was okay, mom was telling me he was safe. I know that I was a lot luckier than a lot of other families and am forever grateful. 

I honestly can't believe it's been 10 years since the terrorist attacks on our country. In a moment when the enemy was hoping to weaken, break and destroy our nation, we did the opposite. We stuck together. Ordinary men became heroes and that day, America truly exemplified, "E pluribus unum."

Thank you to all of those first responders who ran in while everyone else was fleeing. Thank you to all of our military for protecting our freedom every day. Thank you to the heroes of Flight 93 who forced the plane down to prevent even more lives lost. Without y'all, we wouldn't be able to have the wonderful lives that we are able to lead as Americans. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who lost loved ones on that day.

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