Fall Must Haves

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With a new season comes an entire part of your wardrobe you've been missing for the past 9 months.
I love fall clothes and the season in general. It's the time of year when you get to curl up in a blanket and watch a good movie with your honey. Every weekend is filled with family, friends and cheering on your favorite sports team. It's also the lead up to the holidays! What's not to love?

Here are my top picks for must haves this fall:

J Brand 811 jeans in red: Colored denim is very in this season and I love the red! It not only would be great for NC State football games, but I think they're more versatile than some of the other colored denim you see.

JCrew Martina suedge wedge: The gray color makes a statement over the regular black or brown choices you normally have for everyday wear in the fall and winter. Another plus is that these wedges have a 3" heel - much smaller than a lot of others out there.

Paula's Choice RESIST Clearly Remarkable Skin Lightening Gel: After spending a summer in the sun, we've all gotten more sun damage than we'd want or expect (even with using sunscreen). This really helps to bring the even coloring and glow back to your skin.

Barbour Utility Jacket: Brandon got me one of these a few years ago for Christmas and I love it. If you don't have one yet, I would highly suggest you getting one. Not only do I have one, but so do Brandon and my brother. Even my grandpa and step-grandma have one! They definitely last...theirs are probably 40 years old!

Striped Shirt: I know these were very big this summer, but I think that it's something that's definitely wearable from season to season. I also love her hair in this picture. I wish I could give my hair this much volume!

A golden retriever! Haha Brandon and I want to get a golden retriever so bad, so maybe sometime this fall we'll have a new addition to our family! I know all our friends that have dogs are ready for a new doggy cousin!

A great throw: There's almost nothing better than curling up with your honey under a soft blanket and watching a great movie on a chilly night. I love that this one is monogrammed!

Stationary: The holidays will be here before you know it and it's never too early to stock up. I just love the stationary from Crane & Co...it's actually the stationary that Brandon has. I would suggest getting it from a store that carries it and does their own printing - it'll save you ridiculous amounts of money than if you got it at the Crane website. We both got ours at Charlotte's.

Essie nail polish: I love my Essie and I'm starting to get quite the collection since they carry it at Target! I love all the dark colors for fall and can't wait to debut a new fall nail color. I'm loving their new Carry On color!

Warby Parker glasses: There's nothing better than a cute boy in stylish glasses. We were introduced to WP by my cousin who owns a pair when we were discussing how Brandon lost his current pair of glasses. Not only are they only $95 for the frames and lenses (TOTAL), they'll send you 5 pairs for $1 to try on and see what looks best with your face. If all that isn't wonderful enough, for every pair of glasses you buy, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need! They hold up great and look even better. Apparently Brandon looks like Clark Kent when he wears them? He's seriously had about 20 people tell them that. 

What are your top picks for fall? Any new finds that I should know about?

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