Halfway There!

10:20 AM

Brandon and I have been engaged for 10 months!
Can you believe it? I know I can't!

We're also officially past our halfway mark. We've finally been engaged for longer than we have left in our wedding countdown. It can't get here soon enough, but we still have so much to get done! I think after we get our engagement pictures back, that'll really motivate us to make some more progress with our planning. 

In the next 2 months I want to:
-Finalize our guest list
-Make sure we have everyone's full names and addresses
-Design and mail our Save the Dates
-Start eating healthy and working out (exactly 2 month until I put my dress on!)
-Go bridesmaid dress shopping
-Finish our wedding website
-Finalize all details with Etsy seller for veil
-Meet with CE again to rework rentals
-Contact tent company on our own about what all we need to have

I finally decided to get a move on things and schedule a date for us to go look at bridesmaid dresses. Between Sarah (my MOH) and I, the first date that we both had open was November 12th. The two days we didn't have a home game in October, she had other weddings to go to. So now I have two months to figure out exactly what I'm thinking I want for the girls. I'm also going to try on my wedding dress for the first time that day too! I can't wait to see my actual wedding dress. I'm really excited that 7 of the 8 are going to be able to make it. My other Sarah lives in Tampa, so she won't be able to make it. Luckily, I'll see her the weekend before at the State vs. Carolina game! I didn't even connect that the 12th was our one year engagement anniversary until Meredith pointed it out to me! She's always so on top of things!

I've decided that short dresses will go better with our overall theme and help add to the fun party/celebration atmosphere. The taffeta seem to look a little more formal and crisp and I definitely like that. I also want the skirt to have a bit of an a-line, fullness to it. The last picture actually might be a bit too slim of a fit. I really like the look of a one shoulder, but I've only been able to find one that's in the taffeta material. They're going to be either a champagne or gray in color.

J Crew - this style is now unavailable

I've been wanting to try on wedding bands for forever, so B and I thought it would be fun to go look tonight! I'm really partial to an eternity band. I love this one from Whiteflash.

We're going to Diamond's Direct tonight to look at some more band options. Hopefully they'll have better pricing. I can't wait to see what a wedding band looks like paired with my engagement ring!

Brandon is definitely a traditionalist and he doesn't falter when it comes to his wedding band. We both like the simple and timeless look of a classic yellow gold band. The one thing he is adamant on is that it be a comfort fit. All of his married friends have told him that this is the way to go. We decided on yellow gold because it will match his signet ring.

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