Home Sweet Home

1:45 PM

Even though we haven't gotten everything that we want to feel completely decorated, we're happy enough with the house for now and absolutely adore living here. It really is home already and we are both just so happy to be here. It was a long few months waiting for it to be ready for us to move in. Between dealing with moving out of our apartment and living in a horrible condo sublease for two months that had water damage and mold problems, we were so ready to be home.

So without further ado...our house.

Home Sweet Home...wouldn't be complete without a North Carolina flag out front. That was actually the first "decoration" we put up - even before we arranged our furniture!

I love that we have this cute side porch area. Our mailbox is up here and Brandon's already made good friends with our mailman.

The backyard really is one of the greatest features. It's just begging for a dog to play in it, don't you think?! The storage shed is great for some of our odds and ends like paint supplies. We're also going to plant a herb garden at some point.

I love the living room. That lamp was my grandma's and it's my absolute favorite. This room is still in need of some smaller touches. We really need to get some curtains. I also want to get some new throw pillows. Eventually I'll also get some sort of skirt for the side table...it's just too much white with the sofa.

A view from the other side of the room. The framed prints were in the most hideous gold and green spackle frame before I tackled it with some white paint. Now I think they look great!

This is one side of our dining area. We're planning on hanging up white shelves to display some of our pretties on. The buffet was actually from my mom's company's employee sale and she got it for $30 (It retailed for over $900)! Definitely a bargain!

The other side of the dining area. I LOVE how the table and chairs turned out, but we're planning on adding a bit more gloss to them so they really shine! I think they go terrific with our curtains.

The kitchen. It's very white right now and I definitely will be adding some personal touches soon. Please ignore the mess, B had just gotten back from the Farmer's Market with our supplies for the shrimp boil.
Look at our fancy dishwasher!

We were so lucky that our landlord put in all new kitchen appliances! 

Our room. It's definitely pretty bland right now. I'm looking for a pretty curtain for that window. We're also going to hang up some of our engagement pictures in here once we get those back.

We only have one bathroom in the house, but it's been working out well so far. It's actually a much brighter room than it appears in this photo. The walls have more blue than gray in them. It's definitely an adjustment not having 2 sinks, but it's worth it to be in this cute house!

So there you have it! Those are most of the rooms/areas in our home. Once we decorate a bit more, I'll post more detailed photos of each room. We're just tickled to be here. We hope you'll stop by some time!

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