It's Back!

10:24 AM

Boy am I glad to be on the downward slope of this cold. It really has been kicking my butt lately! I'm starting to feel better, but I can't smell anything, so subsequently, I can't taste anything either! What's the fun of eating if you can't taste it? 

Saturday I babysat all day and I had so much fun! We made cookies (and a mess), colored, played outside and had a wonderful time. Mr. Brandon joined us about halfway through the day. It was great having an extra set of hands...I could never be a single parent and have to do it alone all the time! Brandon and I were both pretty tuckered out by the time we got home. We spent a relaxing evening watching football and eating pizza. We love Lilly's!

Sunday we went to church and they had a wonderful lesson. Listen! Lisa even made us all get out a piece of paper and pen to write it down. Speak Lord, for I am listening! She talked about how we're always asking questions, but we don't often stop to listen for the answer. What's our purpose? What should we be doing? We don't always take the time and stop to listen what God is trying to tell us we should be doing. It's definitely something we should all remember and think about more often!

Tonight I'm going to Meredith's house to watch Gossip Girl and eat some BOGO sushi! It's so fun getting together to watch our show and indulge in our love of sushi, but I love getting to catch up and see all of the progress that she's made in decorating their new home! She's great at taking the ideas she finds on Pinterest and finding the perfect place for them in their home. Hopefully she'll inspire me to do a little more decorating!

Are y'all excited about Gossip Girl? Are you team Chuck and Blair?

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