Unforgetable Weekend!

10:33 AM

This weekend was amazing and definitely one that we'll always remember! It was seriously that much fun.
This is going to be long...you've been warned.

Friday night I went home for our mini 5-year reunion. I met mom about halfway home and we stopped and had a hot chocolate at Starbucks. I love this time of year! She was headed to the farm where she spends most of her weekends (which is really close to our house in Raleigh!), so it was nice to get to see her and have some girl time. My mom and I are so close and could talk for hours, so it was hard to leave each other after only 45 minutes.

When I got home, I went over to one of my closest friends houses. I had a few bites of their leftover dinner and then a couple more friends met up and we headed to our high school's homecoming game. It was a lot of fun seeing old teachers and catching up. It felt weird to be back there. Not only does the school look COMPLETELY different, but it was such a different feeling being there. Even though we used to feel like we owned the place, I'm a much more confident person now and I love it. After the game, a group of us went to a sports bar that's close to school. It was karaoke night and one of the guys got up and performed...I think partly to make the DJ stop singing his completely inappropriate songs.

Saturday was our second home football game against South Alabama. Even though it was cold, overcast and drizzling all day, we still met up at 12:30 in order to get a prime spot in the tailgate lot at 1 for our 6:00 game. After walking around for a little bit, we decided it was time for a little recon mission.

At the first game, my cousin had told me that there was a Sigma Kappa sign in the house beside our tailgating spot. A bunch of Sigma Chi's live there...which helped to answer what had happened to our sign that was stolen 4 years ago. After I told Sara Beth about it, we had been discussing whether when we'd go steal (reclaim) our sign back. With a little liquid courage, Sara Beth decided it was time. With Sara Beth's little sister and newest EK sister, we walked over to the house about 100 feet away. 

We literally just walked into the house and didn't say a word. All the people in the house looked at us and were asking who we were. We completely ignored them and looked around for our sign. We spotted it leaning again the wall. Sara Beth and I walked over and picked it up as Emily held the door open for our quick getaway. When the boys finally realized what we were doing, they of course started yelling and asking what we were doing. One of them even tried to run over and grab it from us. That was quickly stopped as I side armed him as we ran out of the house. They didn't even chase after us! While we were running out, I was so busy laughing that I completely tripped over my own feet, causing the sign and Sara Beth to come down with me...if only that was my only fall of the day.

After some celebrating, we locked the sign in the car. It's now sitting at our house while SB and I figure out how and when we're going to present it back to the chapter.

We got our sign back!



The rest of the tailgate was awesome! I seriously still can't believe we did that and I have the sign sitting in my house to prove it. We were so busy celebrating that we didn't break down our tailgate with enough time to get into the game by kick off. As Sara Beth and I were running into the game, I had my second fall. I don't really know exactly what happened, but I somehow got pushed/bumped into, something and I went flying face forward. Luckily, my hand caught my fall, but I have a nasty gash to show for it. (I'll spare y'all a picture). 

Despite my fall and subsequent visit to the Rex tent, the game was a lot of fun even with the constant misting rain). It was a really good game and we pulled out a 35-13 win over South Alabama. Even though we played great, the best part of the game was the halftime show. It was our military appreciation game and they honored all of the service men and women who have so bravely served our country. Along with playing a lot of patriotic music, a lot of our military helped to spread out an American flag across our entire football field! It was an absolutely breathtaking sight! I'm so proud to have gone to a school that has and shows such great patriotism. Go America! Go Pack!

Tomorrow I'm going to post pictures of the house!

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  1. Thanks for being willing to endure injury to get our sign back. What a great story! Super excited to have it back!



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