Wedding Wednesday

10:27 AM

I figured it might be nice to update y'all with some of our planning details since this is my planning blog after all. We've been so busy with other things that the wedding has definitely been on the back burner. 

Wedding ring shopping last week was so much fun! We both loved the styles that we thought we would. I took a few pictures, but I'll save those for until we actually order our bands. It make me even more excited for our day to finally be here! As much as I love having a wedding band paired with my engagement ring...there's nothing better than seeing B with a wedding band on! It just looks so natural and like it should have always been there. 

I think we've officially decided to go with High Cotton Ties cummerbund sets for the groomsmen. I love the look of the traditional black, but it's not as fun and summery as an HCT one would be. I'm really loving this one.

I'm also starting to lean more towards using a gray for the accents instead of the champagne. I think it would look better on a variety of skin tones for the girls' dresses. 

I think on Sunday we'll really try to tackle the guest list. I swear every time I give it to Brandon to try and narrow it down some he just ends up adding more names to it! It makes it hard when you want to give your close friends dates and there just isn't room! This is definitely the most stressful part of wedding planning!

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