Weekend Recap

9:46 AM

After the first football game of the season, it's officially fall!

I'm kind of in denial that summer's over, but in all the good ways. There's so much to look forward too and I can't wait to be so excited about all of it. I'm also more thankful than ever that we decided to move the wedding to June. We'd be 3 short months away from our original winter wedding and I can't help to think about the state of panic I'd be in. I know I would have already done a lot more than I have at this point, but it would all just seem so rushed. We're attending 9 out of the 12 regular season games and even for the 3 games that we're not attending, I know we'll be getting together with our friends to watch it - maybe with a little tailgating thrown in as well. Once we would have gotten through football season and the ACC tourney, it would be one week until the wedding! Talk about no time to breathe. We definitely made the right decision.

With the wedding planning in no need of immediate attention, we were able to spend our weekend doing everything we wanted. Friday I was able to get off work early, so we spent the afternoon running errands and picking up things we'd need for the next day. I finally got my veggie platter that I've wanted for years.

After we ran our errands, the rest of Friday night was spent preparing our food to take to tailgate and having dinner with mom! She came by to see some of the progress we'd made on the house! We hadn't done as much as we had wanted with the house, so we stayed up later getting things a little more put away and I can happily say that we've now unpacked our last box!

Saturday we woke up early to finish the kitchen table (pics to come) and make sure everything was ready for us to meet up with everyone at 12:30. 

I wish I had gotten more pictures (or any of our awesome tailgate set up.
We all felt so profesh with our tents and food table. We had a table originally set up for beer pong, but quickly got turned into flip cup. 12 people playing a game is much more fun than 4 people playing. We were able to get our favorite spot under some trees and near a port-a-potty. 
Fortunately, Katie did get a picture of the food table...but this was post everyone diggin' in.

I made orange slice Jello shots this time instead of the lemon and I think everyone liked these much better. The lemon ones are just a bit too tart for my liking. The orange ones were sweet enough that you didn't need to dip each side in sugar.

We packed everything up and headed into the game with plenty of time before kick-off in order to get settled into our new seats. I think we had a great view of the game!

Even though we didn't play as well as we would have liked, we were able to pull it together for a 41-23 victory. Our defensive team did awesome and scored more (or just as much) as our offense did. I think poor Glennon was feeling the extra pressure after having to watch Russell play amazing on Thursday night. For the record, I still think TOB made the right decision. He told Russell to choose and he wasn't ready to. We had to go on and prepare for our season like he had left. It wouldn't have been fair to prepare a new starting quarterback and then bench him because Russell finally made a decision to come back. With that also said, I'm pulling for Wilson in Wisconsin - at least he's still in red and white!

Sunday was a nice and relaxing day. We were able to do some tidying around the house before heading to dinner with my mom's side of the family in Hillsborough. Almost everyone was there, except for one of my cousins - we missed you Caity! I always have such an amazing time with that part of my family. All the cousins are around the same age and we get along great. This is part of what makes me want to have such a big family. I love this time we all get to spend together...and my Aunt Marcia's macaroni and cheese. So delicious. Everyone in my family can cook - aunts, uncles, boys, girls, all of them. It's amazing.

Yesterday Brandon went home to teach his nephew how to play soccer. He's very athletic already, so it was unsurprising that he caught on really quickly. While Brandon was home, mom came by and helped me hang up pictures, curtains, mirrors, etc. I seriously needed her help...I always try to hang things way higher than they need to be! With us getting down to only the small details left to put together with the house, I think I'll be ready to post some pictures soon!

How was your weeekend? Any funny stories?

I hope y'all enjoy your short week! I know I will, especially with another football game and getting our engagement pictures back to look forward to! Hopefully this rain will lighten up before lunch. We've already had to power flicker at work twice.

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