Happy Birthday Edenton Street!

9:16 AM

I know it's Halloween, but that happens every year. It's not every year that your church celebrates it's bicentennial! 

I love our church for so many reasons. I mean, it's gorgeous. If you've ever stepped foot inside or even driven by, you know that's true. Loving a church is more than that though. It's a feeling you get because you know God has blessed that place. It's connecting with your minister every Sunday as he gives the sermon. It's a sense of belonging. Edenton Street is the second church I've felt this way about. The first being Jamestown United Methodist Church. It's funny how both have played such a big part in my life in such different ways. With JUMC, I would come to understand what being a Christian was really about. I made lifelong friends there and truly excepted Jesus as my savior. I now completely believe that a relationship centered around God can overcome any obstacle. Now at Edenton Street, I continue my journey, but in 8 months, I'll be joined in holy matrimony with the love of my life.

I hope y'all have a church that you love as much as I love mine. If not, I hope you find one! If you're in the area, Brandon and I would love to bring you to church with us one Sunday. 

Here's the link to the wonderful article. I hope you'll take a chance to read it!

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