The Holidays

10:40 AM

What I wouldn't give to have a Christmas, Thanksgiving, any holiday really, like the one they have in The Family Stone (without the mom's cancer of course). Not only do they have this wonderfully enormous family that they get to spend time with, but they get to do it in one place. No travelling. No eating 4 different {enormous} meals in one day. Nothing. They stay in one place. This of course doesn't come without drama or conflict, but at least everyone's all in once place.

I'm sure a lot of other people have the same dilemma that I come across every holiday season. Where to go and when to go. My entire life, we've been the travelers. Going from one relative to the next. The problem with this is that you don't get to spend much quality time with anyone. Especially considering we end up spending the entire day in the car getting everywhere. North Carolina is a very large state. Now that my family is ever expanding, we're having to fit more people into a smaller window of time. 

As of right now, we've just started the process to figure out what we'll be doing for this Thanksgiving. Christmas plans will come later. I hate that this always makes the holiday's stressful. Fortunately, there are only a few years of holidays like this left. Brandon and I have decided that once we start our family, we will not be traveling on holidays. We're going to make everyone come to us. I think after (by that point) 26 years of doing what everyone else wants for the holidays, it's my turn. I'm sorry if that seems a bit selfish. The only exception will probably be Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner. For as long as I can remember, we always had this meal with my mom's side of the family. First it was at my Nanny's and after she passed away; my Aunt Marcia continued the tradition. It's the one constant I've had over the years and I love it. I'm so close with my cousin's and Brandon loves it here as well. Brandon was actually friends with one of them before we even met. 

What are your holidays like? Do you travel all over the place or are you one of the lucky ones who gets to stay put? 

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  1. This is our first holiday season as a married couple, and I am dreading having to figure out where we are going for each holiday... we are going to hurt some feelings no matter what. I like your idea about not traveling - we will do that once we have kids. Good luck :-)

  2. I am so so glad that you will always come to dinner at my home and as long as god lets me I will make all your favorites.And welcome you to my home with love.Thank you for making my day, I love you very much

  3. This is our first holiday season as a married couple. I am slightly terrified of how our holiday season will turn out. I hate my MIL and would prefer not seeing her at all. ALSO, my birthday just happens to be on December 28th. So...I'm nervous. I hope and pray that this holiday season will not be completely miserable.

  4. My fiance and I switch off Thanksgiving dinner. Last year we spent it with his family and this year we will spend it with mine. We inevitably end up hurting feelings but we get to spend more quality time with our families because we aren't running around. Although Christmas we do a lot of driving. Last year we celebrated 6 Christmas' in a day and half. It was exhausting!



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