Wedding Dreams

11:52 AM

I've been having quite a few wedding related dreams the last few nights. I really wish they were the visions that I go to bed thinking of, but they aren't. I honestly think I've been dreaming of every worse-case scenario. 

I wish I could remember all of the dreams, but I can only recall some bits and pieces.
The night before last, the reception was taking place in some random venue. This venue was terrible, it was super dark and looked like nothing like our wedding is going to. I decided last minute that we had to have a tent and one got constructed out of no where, but it was still inside! What the heck! 

Last nights dream was even weirder! We were in a in we were having our ceremony in a mall. We were all getting ready, but nothing was as planned. My hair was "done," but it looked horrible and for some reason Brandon was walking around in our getting ready area and I yelled at him to get out. I was also freaking out because I had nothing planned. I didn't even have a timeline for the day of and was freaking out and asking Meredith if we can just use hers (the one she's already sent me and is broken down with every possible detail). When it was finally ceremony time, my "walk" down the aisle was a ride on the escalator. It also turned out that nothing was planned because it was October (of this year)...not June! Y'all...maybe I need to change my bedtime routine. These dreams are getting ridiculous.

On a completely different side note, my best friend finally posted in her blog yesterday. Hopefully other people reading it will give her the motivation to post more than once every 10 months! All of her recipes are delicious!

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