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10:19 AM

Can y'all believe this weather?! I worked the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament yesterday and it was HOT! It reached 85 degrees and the sun was definitely shining. It was great being able to be out of the office, but it made me wish I was playing golf instead of just watching everyone else.

We had a pretty relaxing weekend overall. Saturday we went to Brandon's hometown for one of his cousin's baby showers. It was a lot of fun spending time with Brandon's family. The more time we spend with them, the more they feel like my family too! His other cousin who just had a baby in August was there with her cute daughter! I was so excited to get to hold her. I think Brandon was torn between thinking it was precious and freaking out that I was going to want to have a baby as soon as we get married. As much as I would like that to be the case, we just aren't ready to be parents in 18 months.

My BHLDN possible wedding shoes should be here by the end of the day!! I can't wait to take pictures and show y'all! Hopefully they'll be as comfy as the reviewers have said they are and the heel height won't be too bad.

For as long as I can remember, I've known almost exactly what jewelry I've wanted to wear. I'm not a very big jewelry person in the sense that I have a few key pieces that I like to switch around. I knew I didn't want to wear a necklace with my wedding dress, so that just left the option of a bracelet and earrings. I wouldn't want to distract from my new wedding band with another ring.

Both my bracelet options mean a lot to me. The diamond and sapphire one was custom made for my grandma (Nanny) by my grandpa (Grandpa). The pearl and sapphire one was custom made by my great grandpa (Pa) for my great grandma (Di). According to my mom, the original pearl one was made in China because that was the best place to get pearls at the time and Di loved it so much that Pa had another one made. They're both stunning and I couldn't go wrong with choosing either. My mom will also wear one of them to the wedding.

As a side note and funny anecdote, I have no idea why we called her "Di." It might have made sense if her name was Diana or Diane, but it wasn't. It was Jesse Madeline (not Jessica either). She was Jesse Madeline and everyone called her Jesse. One of my great aunt's was also Jesse Madeline, but they called her Madeline. Aunt Madeline never got married, so she never had a daughter to carry on the name. Di actually offered my mom $5,000 or something of that sort to name me Jesse Madeline. The funnier part is that she said that they could call me whatever they wanted. How confused would I have been!? Clearly, my mom passed. 

One is a diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet with graduated sizing. I wish I had a picture of the actual bracelet, but this is as close as I could find.

The other option is a three-strand pearl bracelet with sapphire connectors. 

I'm hoping to bring both the bracelets to my first dress fitting to see which looks best with my dress. Either way, I'll be able to incorporate my something old, borrowed, and blue into my bracelet!

Since the bracelets are both very different from each other, I need different earring options as well. If I go with the first bracelet, I'll probably just wear the diamond earrings that Brandon gave me for our one year anniversary.

If I wore the pearl bracelet, I would definitely opt for my pearl earrings that Brandon gave me for our first Christmas together.

The only thing I'm thinking about adding in terms of earrings would be a possible diamond or sapphire and diamond earring jacket to the pearl earrings. I could simply slip the pearl into the jacket for a more sparkly effect.

So many fun decisions to make! Only 3 1/2 weeks until I try my dress on!

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